The Best Glueless Wig Options

Glueless wigs are taking the alternative hair world by storm. Glueless wigs are often much less damaging to your own hair than wigs which use glue and are also SO MUCH easier to wear. Glue wigs definitely have their benefits, but for women who wear wigs due to hair loss, glueless wigs usually tick more of our boxes.

What are glueless wigs?

It's in the name, but glueless wigs are wigs that don't need any glue to stay on securely. Some of these wigs instead use clips or a 'wig grip' to stay on securely. Others don't need anything to stay on at all. All you do is pop them on your head and you're read to go. There's lots of glueless wigs out there with varying quality.

Let's talk about our Lusta wigs- which are all completely glueless.

The Lusta Essentials Wig & The Lusta Lace-Front Essentials Wig

The Lusta Essentials and Lace-Front Essentials wig is a glueless wig which can be used with or without clips. The Essentials wig is designed to blend your own hair line at the front. It's best for women who have their own hair line, but want to cover most of their hair. The Lace-Front Essentials wig also has a lace-front on the wig which means you don't need to blend your own hair line.

The cap is the same on both the Essentials and Lace-Front Essentials. The cap itself has a very head-hugging design meaning it will stay on all day long without any glue. It's a silk top wig and has a wefted back.

You can also wear this wig with a wig grip, which can make the piece even more secure.

glueless wig caps glueless wigs

The Lusta Luxe Wig

The Lusta Luxe wig is our completely glueless lace top wig. Lace wigs look incredibly realistic and are super light and breathable. Like our Essentials and Lace-Front Essentials, these wigs have a super head hugging design and are designed to stay on without any glue.

It also has clips which you can choose to use or you can also wear this piece with a special lace top wig grip.

glueless lace wigs

The Lusta Game Changer Wig

This wig is our most secure, most luxurious glueless wig. It's designed for women with no hair at all in mind, but it can also be worn by anyone (whether you have hair or not). It's a silk top cap design, but inside the cap you'll find little silicone inserts which make the wig super grippy. Seriously, you can pull and tug on this wig and it WILL NOT come off. Our Lusta girls have been on rollercoasters, underwater and even sky-diving in this wig. The wig is made to fit very snug so it's not going anywhere.

glueless wigs

At Lusta, all our wigs are designed to be 'throw on and go'. We want wig-wearing life to be easy. You shouldn't have to fuss around with clips, combs, glue or tape.

What glueless Lusta wig would you like to try?

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