The Best Wigs with Bangs

We have been SO obsessed with wigs with bangs lately 😍 There's just something so pretty about wigs with some cute curtain bangs or straight bangs cut in.

If you've been looking through the Lusta website, you might be thinking 'Where the heck are all the bangs wigs?!'. Well, actually, every single piece you see on our website can have bangs cut in. As our pieces are all highest quality human hair, you can have bangs cut into any of our wigs. This can either be done by our in-house, expert Stylist Team or by your local hairdresser. All hairdressers are qualified to cut bangs into a wig or a topper, it's just whether they feel comfortable doing this. Some hairdressers who aren't experienced cutting wigs and toppers may feel nervous about cutting your piece. Check around at your local salons. Or, check out our list of stylists who have worked on Lusta pieces (these stylists have been reccomended to us by other Lusta girls.

Why We Love Wigs with Bangs

Aside from looking SUPER cute, there's a few practical reasons for having bangs cut into your wig (or topper).

Firstly, if you're purchasing a wig without a lace-front, but don't want to worry about blending your own hair, bangs are a great way to get around this. Because your bangs will cover the front of the wig, it won't show the edge of the wig. Holly (who has Alopecia Universalis and doesn't have any of her own hair) often cuts bangs into her Essentials Wigs so that you can't see the harsh transition of the Essentials. Same goes for toppers- if you have bangs cut into your topper you won't have to worry about blending your piece with your own hair!

With with bangs

Secondly, we love cutting bangs into our older wigs and toppers. After a few years of daily wear, especially with lace-front wigs, the front of the wig can become a bit sparse and begin to shed. Cutting bangs into a piece at this stage gives the piece a whole new lease on life, as well as disguises any shedding or signs of wear.

Wigs with Bangs Inspiration

So, what type of bangs can you cut into your wig? Well, just about anything! Straight bangs, thick bangs, wispy bangs, curtain bangs, side bangs....whatever you'd like. Our wigs are extremely versatile in terms of how you can cut them, so anything you're thinking of, we can do.

Here's some inspiration for your new wig with bangs.

  1. Blonde Wig with Wispy Bangs
    This is one of Lucy's favourite pieces! This is her Lusta Luxe Wig which she had our Style Team cut for her. The wispy bangs on this piece frame her face so well and look absolutely gorgeous. If you're a bit worried about cutting a thick fringe into your piece, we highly reccomend strarting with these thinner, wispier bangs. You can always cut in a thicker bang later.

    blonde wig with bangs

  2. Brunette Wig with Thick Bangs
    This is what we're talking about when say thick bangs. The bangs on this wig are a lot thicker and give more fullness. Could you even tell this was a wig? 😍

    brunette wig with thick bangs

  3. Light Brunette Wig with Bangs
    This wig has bangs between thick and wispy. They still have a little bit of lightness and wispiness, but they're thicker and fuller than Lucy's wig we saw earlier.

    brunette wig with bangs

  4. Blonde Wig with Side Bangs
    This wig has more of a side bangs style. The wig has been parted to the right and then had the bangs cut in, meaning the bangs swoop towards the left side. This wig style is super popular!

    wig with side bangs

  5. Black Wig with Bangs

    We're obsessing over this gorgeous dark wig with thick, straight bangs. This is exactly what we mean by full bangs.

    black wig with bangs

  6. Straight Bangs with Face-Framing

    This is perhaps our favourite bangs style. Holly's added some shorter, face-framing pieces to her wig to really bring the piece all together. She still gets the gorgeous fullness of the front bangs, but it also has some softness around the face.

    wig with bangs

  7. Wig with Curtain Bangs

    Curtain bangs are a great way to ease into the bangs life. Curtain bangs are longer than traditional bangs and they allow you to swoop the hair to each side of your face (kinda like a curtain). You can always have curtain bangs cut into your piece and then turn them into straight bangs later on.

    Wig with curtain bangs

  8. Light Brunette Wig with Side Bangs

    Here's another side bangs moment we LOVE. This is a fuller, thicker version of the side bangs and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Wig with side bangs

If you have a wig with bangs we'd love to see pics! Send us photos of your bangs wig to fuel our bangs obsession 😍


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