The Lusta Wig Size Up

Let's get that pretty little head of yours all measured and sized up!

The size of your wig will determine how secure and comfortable it is on your head, which affects how easily you can style it and wear it out and about.

Check out our video guide HERE on measuring correctly and accurately.

Once you know your measurements, compare your head to our wig size chart to guide you in selecting the right wig for you!

Lusta Wigs are all adjustable with elastic straps inside the nape of the wig, which allows the wig to be tightened or loosened to fit you comfortably no matter where you fall in the size range. You may also choose to wear your wig with a wig grip which will add even more security and may help the wig sit even more comfortably on your head.

The Lusta Game Changer wig provides a very snug fit and if you have long or thick bio hair you may need to consider sizing up to allow for this.

Everyone wears their wig slightly differently, and with practice and trial and error, you will work out how you like to wear yours. We all have different head shapes and the same wig will sit slightly differently on different people, but the Lusta Team are here to help you along the way and are always available to assist with measuring, selecting sizes, and getting it to sit perfectly once you have received it. Just reach out if you need us!

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I recently ordered a game changer wig and love it except I ordered a medium and the longer I wear it it seems to be stretching and getting bigger. I am wanting to order another one but not sure what size I may need. My measurements are ear to ear- 30 1/2 cm. Circumference- 52 cm and front to back- 28 cm. I also want the same one I got last time which was 24 inch Partner in crime and I have been watching the website and don’t ever find anymore Partner in crime except the one large available which is obviously too big. Wondering if you could help me with sizing and information on getting a Partner in crime game changer in the size I need?
Thanks Michele