The Story of Lusta Hair

So, I was 19 when it all started. You know, the hair loss journey no one ever really plans for. I'd run my fingers through my hair and they'd come away with strands that just didn't want to stick around anymore. At first, it was a few strands, then a few more, and before I knew it, my shower drain was a telltale sign something was up.

my hair loss story
My hair at 19 years old

I spent the better part of my twenties with a bathroom cabinet that looked more like an experimental lab – bottles of rosemary oil, the latest serums promising regrowth, you name it. I even ventured into the world of PRP injections and laser cap therapy. Spoiler alert? My hair wasn't making a comeback.

One sleepless night, a late-night Google search led me to hair toppers. A glimmer of hope? Maybe. I clicked 'buy' on one that caught my eye and waited. When it arrived, it was love at first sight – well, almost. I began wearing it with the butterflies in my stomach going crazy. It was great! I mean, finally I had a solution which actually did what it prescribed. It covered my hair loss and gave me instantly thicker hair. The thing was, it looked a bit... off. Too bulky, not quite the 'me' I remembered. And those clips, ugh, they were no friends of my fragile hair.

That's when a little light bulb went off. Why not create something better? A hair topper that didn't just 'make do' but truly belonged. I wanted something secure but gentle, something so comfy you'd forget it was there, and so realistic that you'd pass it off as your own in a heartbeat. Maybe the whole idea behind Lusta is a bit of a selfish one. I wanted the best topper in the world and went out and made it. But, I guess more people get to benefit from the creation of Lusta than just myself. That feels pretty damn good.

I started Lusta on my bedroom floor in my parents house. I would style all the pieces in that tiny little room. I would send packages all around the world. That's when it started to feel really real. I had made the perfect topper and women all over the world were wearing them.

After a while we moved into our first ever office! was actually a shed between a mechanics and a plumber's office. But it was an office! A space for Lusta to truly grow. We spent 2 years in this cozy little office space.

lusta hair

Fast forward a bit, and I met Holly. A wizard with wigs, she had ideas and know-how that were just what I needed. Holly has Alopecia Universalis and has been wearing wigs since she was 6 years old. She's worn just about every wig known to mankind. From human hair to synthetic, she's been there done that.

human hair wigs

And she knows what she wants in a wig. Together, we crafted the kind of wig you could wear while living your life out loud – jumping into pools, swinging a tennis racket, or dancing without a single worry about your hair. To us, that's why we wear hair. To be able to live our life to the fullest without hair loss holding us back.

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Now here we are, Lusta Hair, not just a brand but a community. We're here, helping women from Melbourne to Montreal, Auckland to Austin, find their dream hair. We get it, because we've been there.

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And nothing beats watching someone find that perfect piece of hair that brings the sparkle back to their eyes. No gimmicks, no empty promises – just the best darn toppers and wigs you'll ever find. Because we believe everyone deserves to feel like themselves, with or without hair loss.

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