The Truth About Origins of Hair

If you’ve been looking into purchasing a human hair piece, or already have one of your own, you’ve definitely heard the term ‘origins of hair’ thrown around. Maybe you’ve been told that a piece is ‘Brazilian’ or ‘Mongolian’ or ‘Euro’. But do these terms actually mean that the hair was sourced from that country? And is one origin actually better than another?

I’m spilling the tea here a little… The human hair industry actually made up these terms to sell more hair and slap higher price tags on certain pieces. In fact, the origin label given to hair is actually more so describing the ‘coarseness’ or ‘fineness’ of the hair. For example, the term ‘Brazilian’ hair is most often coarser hair and ‘Euro’ hair is finer. But this does not mean the hair was necessarily sourced from either of these places.

Using ‘origins of hair’ terms seems a little outdated to me, personally. I don’t really like 1) the connotation that one country’s hair is better than others, 2) that it pays no mention to the diverse hair types within an area and 3) is generally very misleading. Think about it, does everyone’s hair in your hometown look the same? No, right? Everyone’s hair is different- some is curly, some is straight, some is thick and coarse, others are finer. It’s not about where that hair is sourced from, it’s about the quality of that hair. Has the hair been dyed before? Or is it virgin hair? If it’s been dyed before being cut from the doner’s head, the quality won’t be as good. Is the hair remy? AKA, is the cuticle of the hair all going in the same direction? Or has it been swept off a salon floor and sewn into a wig?

Okay, so the origins of human hair toppers and wigs is kinda BS, so what should you be looking for in a piece. If you want a piece that is going to last you for years and stay beautiful and silky smooth, you want to be looking for the best quality hair. At Lusta, we only use the finest quality 100% remy human hair. Don’t be afraid to ask about the quality of the piece you’re buying, you want to make sure you get what you pay for!

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