"There’s no way I could ever wear a wig”

I get it.

At the beginning of my own hair loss journey, wearing a wig seemed like the most foreign concept. It’s not something we’re prepared for. It’s not something we think about growing up… ‘one day I’ll wear a wig’… nup, it never occurred to me.

For years I tried so many different ‘solutions’ that did nothing but make me feel hopeless. It was an important part of my process towards acceptance, and I think I had to exhaust all other options before I even considered wearing hair. I had to slather my scalp in rosemary oil every night. I had to try all the hair growth shampoos. I had to give all the vitamins a shot. I had to do these things so I could say to myself I tried everything.

And when I first started researching wigs, I came in with a bit of a warped perception. I mean most of our experience with wigs is Wednesday Addams style wigs from Halloween and dress up parties. Wigs seemed 'fancy dress'. Not for daily wear. I thought that if I rocked up to work in a wig, EVERYONE would immediately know what's up and think why the heck is she wearing that?

But that’s far from what wigs REALLY are, especially Lusta wigs 😉 They’re comfy, you can wear them all day, they look REAL and they’re super secure. They’re designed to make your life easier. To take that weight off our shoulders. To give us space to grieve our hair loss (whilst still having the best hair EVER).

I think we need to shake our outdated understanding of wigs. I mean... would you know this was a wig?

human hair wig

But, I do get it. Wearing a wig seems terrifying. It’s not something we planned for. The leap to a wig seems impossible to make. But like a lot of things in life, we sometimes have to roll with the waves, adapt to what life throws at us and find a solution. And a wig can be a pretty awesome solution.


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