Tips For Making Your Wig Look Like 'You'

You’ve opened up the package your new wig has arrived in. You’ve unraveled the piece from the silk bag it made its journey in. You pull it out, look at it and think, ‘OMG, this is SO MUCH hair!!!’. How on earth are you going to make this look realistic on your head?

Take a breath. When you first get your piece it can seem overwhelming. It does take a minute to get your piece to look like ‘you’. Follow these steps and you’ll be rocking your new locks in no time!

  1. Blowdry and Restyle
    The first step is to get out all the kinks and ‘puffiness’ out of your wig. Your wig has been sitting in a box for days, and the shape won’t be perfect. Don’t worry! This is totally normal and completely fixable. You have two choices here. You can either give your piece a wash and restyle it, OR simply spray some water onto your piece. When the piece is wet you can blow dry it flat either on your own head or a mannequin head. Flattening the piece back into it’s normal ‘head’ shape makes a WORLD of difference. All Lusta pieces are naturally straight, but we send them to you with our Signature Lusta Curl. If you’re more of a straight hair girl, you might want to take a moment to straighten the piece to make it suit you better. Styling your human hair wig to best fit you is essential to making it more realistic

  2. Practice!
    If you’ve watched our videos, you’ll see Holly put on her wig in two seconds flat. Although you’ll definitely get to this, keep in mind that Holly has had 25 years of practice putting on wigs 😂 Sit down in front of your mirror and spend some time putting your wig on in different ways. Everyone puts on their wig slightly differently, and you’ll find the way that suits you.

  3. Consider a cut
    You can definitely wear your Lusta piece straight out of the box. But if you’ve tried these two tips and you’re still finding it’s not quite ‘right’, you might want to have your piece cut. Going from not much or no hair at all to suddenly having a full head of luscious hair can be super overwhelming. Having a thinning or face-framing can make such a difference to how the piece feels around your face. It also helps to create natural movement and look more natural.

If you’re still struggling with making your piece work for you, definitely Book a Free Chat with us. Having an expert walk you through everything can help so much. Book your chat HERE.


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