Top 9 Red Human Hair Wigs and Toppers

Calling all red heads!

At Lusta we love creating the most gorgeous red wigs, auburn hair toppers and ginger wigs. It's so fun being able to create these vivid colours which match your own hair perfectly.

Being a redhead, you know just how special and unique your hair colour is. That's why we custom create a piece to match your unique shade.

So, today I wanted to take a moment to look at 10 of our favourite red wigs and red hair toppers.

  1. Fiery Red Wig
    We're starting off strong with this fiery red wig! This masterpiece boasts a gradient of burnt orange melting into delicate peach, offering a look that's both bold and effortlessly chic. It is a multidimensional tone that ranges from deep, fiery copper to lighter, almost pastel coral highlights, creating a gradient effect that is both striking and harmonious. The color has a certain iridescence, gleaming with shades of gold and amber when caught in the light. The roots of the hair are a slightly darker shade, suggesting a natural depth that seamlessly transitions into the brighter, more vivid tones that dominate the length.

    red wig

  2. Next up we have softer, more natural red. This piece is a captivating shade of strawberry blonde, mingling the soft, warm tones of golden blonde with the light, rosy hues of red. It has a sun-kissed vibrancy that suggests the golden hour glow, with a gentle fade into lighter, almost pastel pinkish ends. This color exudes a playful yet sophisticated energy, perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy to their appearance.

    red wig

  3. Classic Ginger Wig
    This wig is a classic red-head colour. A rich and lustrous copper tone, with warm golden amber highlights that catch the light, giving the hair a dimensional and radiant quality. This shade of copper is deep and vibrant, akin to autumn leaves.

    red wig

  4. Natural Red Wig
    The hair color of this gorgeous wig is a harmonious blend of soft auburn and light chestnut, with subtle hints of honeyed strands that provide a delicate sheen. This sophisticated hue is reminiscent of the warm, muted tones found in a late autumn palette, where russet leaves intermingle with the fading light of dusk.

    red wig

  5. Bold Orange
    This wig is a vibrant and saturated shade of orange, reminiscent of a bright tangerine. It's a bold and striking hue, full of vitality and exuberance, that would certainly make a statement in any crowd. The richness of the color is consistent from root to tip. This shade of orange is warm and intense, offering a lively contrast to cooler tones and standing out with its citrus-inspired zest.

    vibrant red wig

  6. The Perfect Ginger Wig
    This stunning piece is a deep golden brown with a rich, honeyed caramel tone. It exudes a natural warmth and is accentuated by the soft, luminous curls that catch the light, enhancing the multidimensional tones. This hue could be described as a brunette with sun-kissed highlights, evoking the look of hair gently lightened by time spent outdoors. The darker roots add depth and volume, creating a seamless transition to the lighter, more vibrant ends.

    natural red wig

  7. Dimensional Red Wig

    This gorgeous wig is a rich, dimensional ginger hue with a blend of warm copper and soft apricot tones. It's a vibrant, yet earthy shade that seems to glow with its own inner light, reminiscent of a late autumn sunset. The color is both striking and natural-looking, with a gentle gradient that suggests depth and texture. The lighter strands that flow through the hair add to its vibrancy, creating a lively play of color that is both fresh and sophisticated. This ginger shade is versatile and would complement a variety of skin tones, adding a touch of warmth to the complexion.

    red wig

  8. Soft Ginger Topper
    If you're a natural ginger, then this topper is perfect! The hair is a soft and muted shade of bronzed brown, with subtle hints of sandy blonde highlights that create a natural, sun-kissed effect. The overall impression is one of a light, toffee brown that reflects a gentle, honeyed glow. This hue suggests a combination of depth and lightness, with the understated highlights adding dimension and movement to the overall look.

    ginger topper

  9. Ginger Perfection

    This hair topper is a warm and inviting shade of chestnut with hints of auburn and copper, giving it a rich, multidimensional appearance. It's a vibrant medium brown with a reddish-golden sheen that catches the light, creating a subtle, luminous effect. The soft, lighter highlights around the face enhance the overall warmth of the color, adding depth and a touch of brightness that complements the complexion. This color strikes a lovely balance between natural tones and a hint of boldness, making it a flattering choice for many. It is reminiscent of the colors seen in autumn leaves.

    red hair topper

I need to know, which of these red toppers or wigs are you choosing?


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