Topper Density

Daunting density!

“I don’t want to look like I have too much hair”.

“I don’t want people to notice”.

“I want my piece to have movement”!

Density is what all these questions are pointing to and here you’ll have your answers.

Our dream hair toppers have a standard density from 120% - 130%, and we have so many Lusta angels working away to make each piece by hand, so there is always room for a little variation. Topper density is not a measurement that is standard across all topper brands, so a 120-130% from another brand could look and feel completely different to our pieces. So, because of the differences, the percentage measurement is as useful as a bald topper!

That’s why at Lusta we use more descriptive language to describe the density. Our toppers are a ‘medium density’, which provides full coverage for a healthy and natural appearance.

Topper queens prefer the majority of the density to be at the back of the topper and thinner around the face. With silk tops, we need to sew enough hair into the 4x4 silk component, so that it covers all the silk material, without looking sparse! This is why toppers can sometimes seem a little heavy around the face. Cue our ‘Lusta Signature Cut’ add on!!

We always recommend adding the Lusta Signature Cut or having a trusted hairdresser to do a soft face-framing cut to thin out the front, reduce heaviness around the face and add some natural movement. The piece can either be cut on a mannequin head or while you’re wearing it, to get that dream hair look.

Here is a video of one of our superstar stylists adding the Lusta Signature Cut to a topper

If you’re not sure about taking the big jump into cutting you topper, curling your piece away from your face can definitely help.

Some customers pluck out some hairs around the hairline to thin it out. While this can be effective, we don’t recommend it, as hairs cannot be replaced after they have been removed. Nevertheless, if you still want to pluck excess hair from the topper it is important to go slowly and be very careful, as it cannot be reversed. Instead it is best to have your hairdresser thin out the front section from the mid lengths to the ends to give the piece more movement and depth.

If you need more advice on toppers or wigs you can always DM us email us or book a one-on-one virtual consultation via this link:


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