Toppers and the Gym

One of our most asked questions is how can a Lusta Hair Toppers be worn securely at the gym? But have no fear, your Lusta team have you covered with amazing tips and trick on how to keep your locks thick and flowing securely at the gym.

Tip 1: Place your topper slightly more forward than usual, as it may slide back when tying into a ponytail while breaking a sweat.

Tip 2: Tie your topper back with your bio hair in a low ponytail to create a secure hold to your topper.

Tip 3: Accessorise! Accessories are our besties, add a headband to your gym wardrobe to bring out your inner workout queen!

See it in action!

If you need additional assistance regarding your topper, contact the Lusta Hair team through Instagram or on our website chat for expert personal advice.


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