Virtual Hair Chats with Lusta Hair

Have you had a virtual chat with Lusta?

If you have, you already know how AMAZING they are!

At Lusta, we totally undertsand how nerve-wracking it can be to buy hair online. 'How will I get the right colour?' 'Will it look the same as in the pictures?' 'Is this company even legit?!'

That's why we offer FREE virtual chats, hosted via Instagram or WhatsApp.

What happens on a virtual chat?

Virtual chats are super casual! We can talk about anything and everything ❤️ We can talk about finding your perfect colour match, adding customisations (colours and cuts), sizing, hair loss, or, we can just show eachother our pets! (Georgia has a cat called Leo and Holly has a cat called Sampson). 🐱

meet the team
meet the tea,

Why should I have a virtual chat?

Firstly, when investing in something as important as your hair, it's nice to know there's an ACTUAL PERSON there to help you, not just some automated website robot. We can jump on a video call, and you can actually SEE the piece you're interested in. Having a virtual chat really puts your mind at ease when buying hair online.

We can't wait to chat with you!!


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