Warm vs. Cool: Which Colour Wig is Right For You?

Choosing the right colour is perhaps THE most important aspect of deciding on the right wig for you. At Lusta, we basically become your personal shopper and help you make that decision. But, if you're still in the early stages and window-shopping around, let's talk about the basics of wig and topper colours.

Hair colours can be put into three main categories; warm, neutral and cool. Within these categories you have the whole spectrum of colours from lighter blondes to dark brunettes.


hair colour

Warm Colours

Warm colours have undertones such as gold, yellow, copper, orange and red. Some people are a bit worried about going for warmer colours as it can be associated with looking brassy or too orange. This is 100% not the case. Warm tones definitely don't have to appear 'orange' (unless that's what you're going for!). Think more like golden blondes and vibrant brunettes. Warm colours might be described as having a 'golden' appearance.

warm hair colours

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours have a balanced mix of undertones from both the cool and warm sides of the colour chart. Neutral colours might be described as having a 'wheaty' appearance.

neutral hair colours

Cool Colours

Cool hair colours have 'ashy' undertones of blue, purple, green and grey. It's most often associated with silvery or white blonde tones. However, darker brunette colours can also be considered cool. Cool colours might be described as having a 'smokey' appearance.

cool toned hair colours

Which Hair Colour is Right for you?

Choosing the right colour has a lot to do with the undertones of our skin. Let's find out which colour is best for you.

1. Take a look at the veins in your wrist. What colour do they appear?
a) More blue
b) More green
c) A mix of both

2. What colour jewelery do you tend to reach for more?
a) Silver
b) Gold
c) Rose Gold or both silver and gold

3. What colour are your eyes?
a) A deep, darker colour (i.e. dark blue, dark brown, dark green)
b) A lighter colour (I.e. light blue, hazel, light green)
c) Somewhere in between

4. How does your skin react when you've been out in the sun?
a) I burn easily and very rarely tan.
b) I tan very easily and rarely get burnt
c) I burn somewhat easily and gradually tan

5. Try on something white or hold a white piece of paper up next to your face. In direct natural lighting observe how your face appears.
a) The white makes my face look 'rosey' or pinker than usual
b) The white makes my face look more yellow than usual
c) I don't see any change


If you got mostly a's then you're a... Warm Undertone

Opt for warmer hair colours which will compliment your skin tone. These colours will bring out the warmth in you face and make your eyes pop. Cooler colours may make you look more 'washed out' or more pale than you actually are.

If you got mostly b's then you're a... Cool Undertone

Opt for cooler hair colours which will balance out the cool undertones in your skin. Warmer colours can look a little too 'harsh' against cool skin tones, so it often works better to wear cooler colours.

If you got mostly c's then you're a... Neutral Undertone

Neutral girls, you're the lucky ones! You can wear warm, cool AND neutral hair colours and look incredible. Go for whatever colour you like best.

In saying this, there's no hard and fast rules on what looks best. It's all about what you feel comfortable and confident in. Take this info as a guide, rather than rules to live by.

If you need help finding the right wig or topper colour for you, feel free to send an email to hello@lustahair.com or to our instagram @lusta.hair. We're the experts at finding that colour that feels right for you.

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