Wearing Toppers and Wigs in Summer ☀️

Calling all beach bums and Olympic Swimmers 👋

It is heating up down under! If you have been in Australia during summer you know that means spending time at the beach or at a poolside bbq. ⛱

While we have so many Aussie queens in the summer sun right now, we know all our Northern Hemisphere babes are feeling frosty ❄️. BUT, don't panic, that warm weather is on its way. It's never too soon to start dreaming about that summer heat. 🔥

Will I get hot in my topper or wig?

The quick answer is... maybe. It's a tricky question because heat is subjective. Some queens feel the heat more than others. The closest thing that you can compare wearing a topper or wig to is having thick bio hair.

The key to keeping cool in your hair is a PONYTAIL. Once you master the pony, it is a lifesaver when wearing your hair in the heat.

If you live in a hot humid city, it might be worth getting your hairpiece further thinned out.

Swimming in Alternate Hair

When that hot summer weather is calling, we all dream of a dip in that freshwater, but what are you meant to do if you LOVE rocking your Lusta locks?

Our top tips for Lusta Babes wanting to swim are:

If you're only planning a quick dip, some light splash on your hair is entirely okay. While totally submerging the hairpiece is not recommended. Chlorine + salt + Lusta Hair = not cute!

If you want to have all that summer fun in your hair, the best way to go is a synthetic or a lower cost piece. Let's save our gorgeous luxury Lustas for poolside lounging only.

Sun Exposure

There's nothing like the feeling of the warm sun and SPF on your skin in summer. But the sun and alternate hair aren't always the best of mates.

You can lie in the sun to your heart's content in your alternate hair, but, extended sun exposure to the piece can cause it to lighten, just like bio hair. This is technically not a ‘bad thing’, I actually like the fact that my piece behaves just like my natural hair. It’s a personal preference. The naturally lightened colour of your piece can be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Then once the colder months roll around, just have your stylist touch up the roots – easy!

If you want to keep the hand-painted baby in pristine condition, it might be worth using extra sun protection. Just a simple baseball cap or sun hat is the perfect way to prevent the sun from beaming down on your precious hair. We are pretty sun savvy down in oz, so hit us up if you need any other SPF related tips!


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