What is a 'Silk Top'?

Today we're breaking down silk tops. What are they? How does it work? And why do we love them so much?!

What is a silk top?

A silk top is a type of topper and wig construction. The silk is found on the 'top' or 'crown section of the wig or topper. It plays a crucial role in achieving a natural-looking scalp appearance. Picture this: you're wearing a topper or wig, but instead of it looking like, well, a hairpiece, it seamlessly blends in with your own hair, giving the illusion that it's growing right out of your scalp. That's the magic of a silk top.

Each hair is hand-sewn into the silk top, allowing the hair to be moved around naturally. The hair can be parted wherever you like in the silk top. On our Lusta pieces, the silk top is 4"x4".

silk top topper

Why we love silk tops!

At Lusta, all of our toppers and Game Changer Wigs feature a silk top. We LOVE silk tops because they are...

  • More durable
    Silk top pieces have a much longer lifespan than their lace top counterparts. The silk material allows your piece to last for 2-3 years of daily wear.
  • Ultra Realistic
    The way silk is constructed allows it to mimic the appearance of a real scalp, complete with tiny hair follicle patterns. This attention to detail is what sets silk top hairpieces apart, giving you a truly realistic look that's virtually indistinguishable from your own hairline.
  • Light and Breathable
    Silk is known for its smooth texture and luxurious feel, but it's also incredibly breathable. This means that not only does it look and feel like your own scalp, but it's also comfortable to wear, even for extended periods.

silk top

So, whether you're opting for a silk top topper or a silk top wig, you can rest assured knowing that you'll not only look great but feel great too. These hairpieces are designed to provide you with the confidence to conquer your day without worrying about your hair.

Taking care of your silk top wig or topper

Caring for your silk top piece is super easy! Most people find they only need to wash their piece about once per month (depending on how active they are). All our Lusta pieces are human hair, meaning to wash them you simply wash them like your own hair! You can use high-quality, salon-grade products to wash your piece.

Silk top pieces are best stored on a manequin head to keep their shape.

Who should choose a silk top piece?

Silk tops are excellent for someone who wants both a super realistic and durable piece. Silk tops are designed for you to wear and love for years and year!

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