Lusta Babes!

If you have received a parcel from us recently you would have noticed that we now include a new special goodie. A TOPPER GRIP!!

So much hype is happening over TOPPER GRIPS right now! So obviously, we want to be in on all the excitement.

If you have been following us for a while, you would know that I am definitely not a massive fan of topper clips. In the early days, they used to really irritate me. Hence why I made it my personal mission to find the absolutely softest and most delicate clips on the market (we only use the best for our Lusta girls)….but ‘TOPPER GRIP’ - this is a whole other level.

Basically, if worn correctly, you will not need to use the front and side clips at all - but perhaps I would still use one or two clips at the back, just in case.

The first reviews are in, and let us tell you...they did not disappoint!


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