What Length Should My Hair Topper Be?

There's a couple things you need to think about before purchasing a topper. What colour do you need? What cap size would be best for you? And, of course, what length should the hair topper be? Today we're going to be chatting about how to find the right hair topper length for you.

hair topper length

How Long Should Your Hair Topper Be?

When it comes to finding the right length for your hair topper, the rule of thumb is to go to 2 inches longer than your own hair. We suggest this for a few reasons.

1) This allows for your hair to grow. There's nothing worse than getting a topper the exact same length as your own hair and then within a few months your hair has grown a few inches and your topper now no longer works for you. Of course, if you're happy to reguarly trim your own hair then this isn't much of an issue. But if you'd prefer your topper to be more low maintenace, a couple inches longer is the way to go.

2) A little extra length also allows for loss of length due to styling. When you curl or style your topper, the curls will make your topper just a little bit shorter. Choosing a piece which is a bit longer than your own hair will ensure your topper doesn't become shorter than your bio hair when styled.

Okay, so we've discussed why your topper should be a few inches longer than your own hair, but what happens if your topper is shorter than your own hair?

A topper that is a bit shorter than your own hair *can* look good, but usually only for people with very layered haircuts and a topper which is an exact match to their own hair. It can be more difficult to blend a topper that is the shorter than your own hair and the topper can look more obvious.

If the piece is the same length as your own hair, this can totally look good! Especially if you have a blunter cut. However, as mentioned earlier, this will mean that your topper does require a bit more maintenace.

hair topper length

How to Measure Your Hair for Length

It's important to check how the company you're purchasing from measures the length of their hair. Some companies will measure the longest strand of hair, others will measure from a middle part.

At Lusta, we measure for length from a middle part to the ends of the hair. Grab your flexible, material measuring tape, pop your hair into a middle part and measure from the top of your head to the longest length of your hair.

Click HERE to watch a video which goes through this step by step.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing the Length

Apart from the straightforward measurement, there are other aspects to think about when it comes to picking the right hair topper length:

1. Hair Texture: If your hair is wavy or curly, remember that the hair topper's length might appear shorter than it actually is when it's in its natural state. If you plan on matching the topper with your natural hair texture, take this into consideration. For straight hair, this isn’t much of an issue.

2. Hairstyling Preferences: Consider your daily hairstyling routine. If you often wear your hair in updos or buns, ensure the topper is long enough to be pulled back without any issues. On the other hand, if you typically wear your hair down, the focus should be on how seamlessly the topper blends with your natural hair when left loose.

3. Maintenance and Care: Longer toppers may require more care. They can be prone to tangling, especially at the nape of the neck- just like real hair. So, if you're someone who's always on the go and looking for minimal upkeep, a shorter or medium-length topper might be more beneficial.

4. Budget: Longer hair toppers can sometimes be pricier due to the additional hair. If you’re working within a budget, find a balance between the length you desire and what you’re willing to spend.

Expert Tips for Seamless Integration

For a hair topper to look its best, it should blend effortlessly with your natural hair:

  • Layering: Having your hairdresser layer the topper can create a more natural transition between your own hair and the topper.

  • Color-matching: Ensure the topper's color matches your hair. If you're in between shades, go for the topper that’s a shade lighter. It's easier to darken a topper than to lighten it.

hair topper length

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right hair topper length can feel overwhelming, but with the right guidance and by considering your individual needs, you can find the perfect match. Remember, the goal is for you to feel confident and comfortable with your choice. It's not just about adding length, but about enhancing your overall look in a way that feels authentic to you. Hair toppers are an excellent tool for boosting self-confidence, and with the right fit, you can wear yours with pride and elegance.

If you'd like some more help with finding the right length topper, get in touch with us! We'd love to meet you via virtual chat. You can book yours here.


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