Why am I like this?

Why am I like this?

Ok, so I’m not talking about hair loss here. Well I am, but I’m talking about the process of deciding to get a hair piece. That’s right, the months and sometimes years it takes of gathering information, getting all your questions answered and finally, eventually, making a decision. Then, just as you thought you had a handle on it, you have another one 73 questions that need answering (that’s an understatement).

Ok gang, let me tell you, you are not alone! Everyone we speak to has the same thought process. Am I being annoying?! When will my questions end?! Is this something I really want to do?! Why can’t I just make a bloody decision?!

Well, all I can say is that all of our clients are the same. Why? Because it’s a huge investment both financially and emotionally. I mean, you’re not buying a pair of jeans here!! You’re investing in something that’s going to either completely change your look, or simply enhance what you already have. Both equally important.

Ladies, speaking from experience both personally and from our community perspective, never let anyone rush your decision to purchase a hair piece. Your hair loss journey is unique to you. Only you will know when you have enough information (47 thousand questions answered) to move forward. Please go at your own pace!!

So, I assume you get my point?! But in case you don’t, I’m saying, don’t feel bad for not being able to make a decision overnight. Gather as much information as you need, ask as many questions as you like, email and DM the s*#@ out of us, we get it, we welcome it, we understand it and we love it.

Now go forth, slide into our DM’s!!


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