Why Hair Toppers Are Going to Change Your Life

For many women, our hair is more than just strands on our head; it's a symbol of femininity, confidence, and self-expression. Unfortunately, hair loss can affect anyone, and it can be a challenging journey. Hair loss is unpredictable and uncertain, which can make us feel out of control. But there's good news! Hair toppers, also known as wiglets or hair pieces, are a game-changer for those of us dealing with hair loss.

hair topper before and after

Think of hair toppers as a mix between hair extensions and wigs. Like wigs, hair toppers give you coverage on the crown of your head. However, like hair extensions you blend your own hair with the topper. This makes them the perfect solution for women with partial hair loss or thinning hair.

These are 5 reasons why I LOVE hair toppers.

  1. Confidence Boost 🤩

Hair loss can take a toll on our self-esteem. As someone who has struggled with hair thinning, I understand the feeling of losing confidence in my appearance. Hair toppers have been a life-saver, allowing me to regain my sense of self and feel beautiful again.

For me, I would constantly find that my hair 'ruined' my outfit. When I was invited to events I'd purchase an outfit months in advance and be so excited to wear it! But, when it came to the day-of I would spend the entire day trying to make my hair look half-decent. If you know the struggles of thinning hair, you get it.

The instant transformation that a hair topper provides is remarkable. It seamlessly blends with your natural hair, adding volume and coverage where it's needed the most. This boost in self-confidence is priceless and can positively impact every aspect of your life.

hair topper before and after

  1. Super Natural-Looking 😍

One of the most remarkable features of hair toppers is their ability to mimic the look of natural hair.

Gone are the days of bulky, obvious wigs that scream "fake." With hair toppers, you can enjoy a natural appearance that will make you forget you even have one on. This newfound naturalness can alleviate the stress of constantly worrying about whether people can tell you're wearing a hairpiece.

I have been wearing a topper every single day for nearly a decade and not ONCE have I had someone notice my hair is not my own.

hair topper before and after

  1. Versatility 🔃

Another fantastic aspect of hair toppers is their versatility. They come in various styles, lengths, and colors, allowing you to change your look effortlessly. Whether you want to add a pop of color, experiment with different hairstyles, or simply enjoy the convenience of a fuller head of hair, hair toppers offer endless possibilities.

Additionally, hair toppers are easy to maintain and style. You can wash, brush, and style them just like your natural hair, giving you full control over your appearance. This control was so important to me when I began wearing hair toppers. Finally, I could style my hair in a messy bun again without worrying about my balding scalp poking through. I could have control over my own hair again and it felt so good.

hair topper before and after

  1. Non-Invasive Solution 🫶

While some women opt for surgical hair restoration procedures, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of going under the knife. Nor is everyone happy to be on life-long medications which may or may not work. Hair toppers provide a non-invasive alternative to address hair loss. They don't require surgery, chemicals, or any invasive treatments. You can enjoy a full head of hair without any pain or risks associated with surgical procedures or medications.

hair topper before and after

  1. Affordability 💰

Compared to surgical hair restoration options, hair toppers are a much more budget-friendly choice. Hair restoration can cost $2k-$5k per session and most often 3-6 sessions are required to see results. On the other hand, a luxury hair topper is between $2k-$3k. In this way, hair toppers are a much for affordable solution. You can find hair toppers to fit various budgets, making it accessible to women from all walks of life.

hair topper before and after


Hair loss doesn't have to define you or impact your self-confidence negatively. Hair toppers are a life-changing solution for women dealing with hair loss, offering an immediate boost in confidence, a natural appearance, versatility, and affordability. They provide a non-invasive and effective way to reclaim your beautiful, radiant self.

If you want to know more about finding the right hair topper for you, get in touch with us!


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