Wig Grips: What are they and how do they work?

If you've been watching our videos on social media, you've probably seen a wig grip. People often ask us what the 'headband' we put on before the wig is. This is actually a wig grip. A very handy tool which helps to keep your wig extra secure.

wig grip

So, what actually is a wig grip?

A wig grip is designed to keep your wig securely on your head. It's a band made from velvet or silicone which goes around your head, like a headband. Think of it like an 'inner sole' for your wig.

What types of wig grips are there?

The two main types of wig grips are silicone wig grips and velvet wig grips.

Velvet Wig Grips

At Lusta, our personal preference is velvet as this feel softer against your scalp. The velvet on the wig grip is all running in one direction (down towards your nose when worn correctly), so when the wig is worn over it, it's unable to slip off or move as it's 'stuck' against the grain of the velvet.

velvet wig grip
Silk top wig grip

Above is an example of our wig grips. This type of velt wig grip is best for silk top or mono top wigs.

There is another type of velvet wig grip designed especially for lace top wigs. This grip has a small section of lace at the front of the grip, so you can wear a lace wig over the top without seeing the wig grip underneath.

lace top wig grip
Lace top wig grip

Silicone Wig Grips

Another option is a silicone wig grip. These types of grips are made from silicone, which creates a 'grippy' effect underneath the wig. The goal of these grips are the same as a velvet wig grip, but may be more or less comfortable depending on your own preferences.

silicone wig grip

Do I need to wear a wig grip?

This depends on a few factors...

With non-Lusta wigs, which do not feature our specially designed StayOn Technology, wig grips may be more of a necessity. Many wigs aren't designed for women with hair loss and therefore have 'extra space' within the cap.

Our Lusta Wigs are all designed to stay on securely without a grip. However, with our Luxe Wigs, Lace-Front Essentials Wigs and Essentials Wigs, you may find you need a little extra security, especially on more 'active days'. If I'm going for a run, doing errands or spending the day at the beach in one of these wigs, I'll definitely pop my wig grip on underneath. But, if I was sitting at my desk all day, a wig grip is definitely not needed if the wig fits you correctly.

Additionally, some head shapes may need the extra security of a wig grip.

Our Game Changer Wig on the other hand does not need to be worn with a wig grip. The silicone inserts inside the cap are basically like a built-in wig grip!

Does that mean I never wear a wig grip with my Game Changer? Actually, no! I love wearing a wig grip underneath as a bit of 'sweat band' when I'm active. It also makes the Game Changer Wig even more comfy!


The Wig Grip is designed to make your wig extra secure. Whether you wear it or not with your Lusta Wig is completely up to you and your specific circumstance. We suggest giving it a go wearing the grip for a day, and then not wearing it the next. See which feels best for you!


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