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Alopecia can affect people at any age. Some people are born with alopecia, others will develop it in their early childhood, teenage years or in adulthood.

Hi! I'm Holly and by the time I was 6 years old I had lost all my hair.

alopecia universalis

I have an autoimmune condition called Alopecia Universalis and have been wearing wigs all my life. Growing up, the wigs I wore weren't exactly 'great'. I was dealing with wigs which weren't designed for people like me, they were always super itchy, uncomfortable and definitely not the right size for me. Plus, they didn't look very realistic. Here's a couple of the looks I rocked growing up 👇

wigs for kids

To put this into context, I had two sisters and a brother who were all BLONDE. Rocking up to school in these darker coloured wigs, I didn't even look RELATED to my siblings. Wigs for kids just weren't a 'thing' during my childhood. So I settled for these wigs and just tried to perservere.

Flash forward to 2019. I was still wearing wigs which weren't quite right for me. I was spend THOUSANDS of dollars on wigs like this one 👇


Sure, it was better than my childhood wig closet, but it still wasn't comfortable and didn't feel like 'me'.

But, 2019 was the year I joined the Lusta Hair team and given the opportunity to design my very own wig! I was, of course, THRILLED.

I spent the next year developing our Lusta wigs. Wigs that were...
✅ Comfortable

✅ Super secure (I tested the security of our wigs by riding roller coasters!)

✅ Easy to wear- no glue or tapes needed

✅ Ultra realistic

And this is what I came up with....

wigs for alopecia

I finally looked and felt like 'Holly' for the first time in my life 🥹

But of course, I thought of little Holly and the wigs she grew up wearing. So, I was determined to also create the ultimate wig for kids. So, I made sure that our Lusta wigs were size inclusive and made for little heads.

Here are some of our wigs for kids ❤️

wigs for kids

The really cool thing about our wigs for kids is they're not just realistic, but also comfortable and secure. Take a look at Aisha's cartwheel skills 👇

wigs for kids

If your child is going through alopecia or hair loss, I'd absolutely love for you to reach out to me! Whether you want help to find the right wig for your child, some advice or just someone to talk to about hair loss, I've got your back.

As a parent, watching your child lose their hair can feel devastating, and there's not a lot of support resources out there. I want you to know that I'm here. I've got you. And your child is going to grow up to be a more resillient person. There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Send an email to hello@lustahair.com if you'd like to contact me!

Love, Holly xxx


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