Wigs for Kids: Meet the Lusta Kids

Hair loss can begin at any age.

Our superstar wig designer, Holly, has had alopecia since she was born and lost all her hair when she was 6 years old. Holly understands first-hand the struggle of growing up without hair. That's one of the reasons we created The Lusta Children's Project, to help kids with alopecia and hair loss.

In 2023, we launched The Lusta Children's Project. This Projects provides free wigs for kids with medical-related hair loss. Since we launched the project, we've had the pleasure of meeting some of the most incredible young women- and helped them find their dream wig!

We want you to get to know some of these beautiful girls and learn their stories.

Lucy, 17 Years Old

Lucy was one of the first recipients of The Lusta Children's Project, and she holds a super special place in our hearts. Lucy lives here in Adelaide, and we've got to know her really well over the years. So much so, that when Lucy finished high school she began working with us at Lusta!

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Lucy grew up with thick, red hair. But, when she was 14 years old all her hair fell out over the course of a 4 day period. Lucy has Alopecia Totalis. Safe to say, this was a pretty scary experience for a 14 year old to go through.

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Lucy first came to us back when she was 14 for her first ever wig. And, more recently, she came to us again for her second wig at 17 years old. Within this time, Lucy's alopecia experience has been a bit of a roller coaster. Her hair has grown back and fallen out again too many times to count. That's the unpredictability of alopecia.

Lucy has always been a big inspiration to us here at Lusta. Her attitude towards her hair loss has always been so positive and from a place of strength.

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Aisha, 10 Years Old

Aisha is a 10 year old girl with alopecia. When Aisha first came to us, her alopecia had just begun and she was still holding on to some of her own hair. Losing your hair at such a young age can be incredibily difficult, and Aisha wanted a wig to wear to school so she could fit in her with friends.

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We ended up choosing a beautiful Natural Black wig for Aisha, and she absolutely loved it! Most wigs in the world can be quite uncomfortable for children. That's why when we were desining our wig caps, Holly paid special attention to choosing materials which would be comfortable for kids to wear.

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Isabella, 14 years old

Meet Isabella! Isabella is a 14 year old girl from New South Wales, Australia. Isabella began losing her hair when she was 11 years old. Isabella and her family travelled to Lusta to get her very first wig!

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We had so much fun getting to know the incredible woman who is Isabella. This is what Isabella had to say about alopecia: "I think it's just important to say that people with alopecia, they're just the same as you are, treat them the same, treat them with kindness. If you have questions, people with alopecia would be more than happy to answer them for you".

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Sienna, 13 Years Old

Next, let's meet Sienna. Sienna's hair loss is caused by a condition Sienna has had since she was born, Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia (CHH). CHH means that Sienna doesn't grow in the same way as other people do- and that includes her hair. Sienna is shorter than other kids her age.

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Sienna travelled from Melbourne, Australia to receive her free wig from Lusta. It was so much fun getting to know Sienna and her incredible family. Sienna is a basketballer and she was searching for a wig which would stay on securely during her basketball games. Wigs for children need to be secure enough to keep up with their everyday life. And we're so happy to report that Sienna has already used her wig on the court, with no issues!

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Nya, 14 Years Old

This is Nya. She's an incredible girl from Melbourne, Australia. Nya found Lusta Hair on instagram and instantly fell in love.

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Nya's hair loss began when she was 7 years old. It all started with a coin sized patch of hair loss. The patch slowly got bigger before she lost most of her hair. However, shortly after, her hair grew back.

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But, more recently her hair has all fallen out again. Nya's been rocking her badass bald look for about a year- but she's ready to start wearing hair again! We absolutely loved the piece she chose.

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The Lusta Hair Children's Project, where we provide free wigs for kids valued up to $5,000AUD, is currently open to new applicants. If your child, or someone you know, could benefit from this program, we'd love to hear from you.

You can find out more about The Lusta Children's Project HERE.


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