Wigs Helped Me to Come to Peace with My Hair Loss

Wigs helped me come to peace with my hair loss.

wigs for hair loss

I’m so much more comfortable today in my no-hair look BECAUSE of wigs. I know that sounds kinda weird…but let me explain.

I’ve been wearing wigs since I was 6- that's when all my hair decided to pack up and hit the road. But, most of the wigs I’ve worn were very different to my Lusta pieces. They just didn’t feel like ME. And they restricted my life so much. I’ve worn wigs where I wasn’t able to style them or put them up in a pony tail. I’ve worn wigs that would fall off because they weren’t designed for people like me with hair loss. They also didn't look very 'real'. So I felt like I stood out like a sore thumb. Because if people knew I was wearing a wig...then they would start to wonder why... and then come to the conclusion that it was because I had no hair.

This thought was terrifying to me.

Because so much of my mental power was used up worrying about people knowing my ‘hair’ wasn’t real, I didn’t have the energy left over to work on accepting my alopecia. My hair loss was always front of mind. I felt like every time I met someone new it was like ‘Hi, I’m Holly, PLEASE don’t notice my hair’. I was so focused on what my hair was doing. If I was invited to a party, I'd spend most of the evening in the bathroom checking that my wig had fallen out of position. I said no to going to the beach with friends because I was so scared my wig would fall off in the water. My 'hair' consumed me.

When I joined the Lusta Team and was given the opportunity to design my PERFECT wig- this was a GAME CHANGER. I finally had a wig that felt like ‘me’. Secure, realistic, COMFORTABLE.

Now, when I met new people it was like, ‘Hi, I’m Holly, PLEASE notice how good my hair looks’ 😂. I finally felt CONFIDENT in my wig… and this gave me the mental space to work on acceptance, to work on finding peace with my alopecia. It’s crazy, seriously crazy, how much wearing a GOOD wig changed my life.

Instead of constantly thinking about what my hair was doing, I could focus on just enjoying life. I could focus on who I was, rather than what my hair (or lackthereof) was.

It's so strange to me that wigs were the thing that made me more comfortable with my bald head. I'm still working on acceptance and being completely comfortable in my skin, but I'm getting closer every single day.


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