How to Take Colour Match Photos


To take the most accurate colour matching photos, take your photos INDOORS facing a bright window. Turn off all artificial lights, including downlights and lamps. Try to get your whole face and hair in the frame of the photo (don't worry, we won't share your photos with anyone). Once you take your photo, check it to see if your hair looks the same as it does to you in real life.


❌ Take your photos with your back to the window
❌ Take photos in bathroom lighting
❌ Use artificial lighting

❌ Take your photos outdoors

❌ Take your photos close up

❌ Find old photos on your camera roll

❌ Take photos of your hair up in a pony tail
❌ Take photos in a dark, dull place
❌ Don't crop your photo

❌ Take your photos too far away

❌ Take your photos with the blinds/curtains closed

Once you've sent us your colour matching photos, you can also explore our colour inspiration page. There you'll find gorgeous colours which we can recreate in your topper or wig 👇