Game Changer

The Lusta Game Changer Wig is specifically designed for women with total alopecia or very thin/fine natural hair, and it truly is a game changer for us!

Having a wig that is comfortable (we’ve had enough of itchy scalps!), super secure (you’ll be head banging at concerts again in no time), realistic and easy to wear is such a DREAM. That is why we are excited to bring back this all-time Lusta favourite.

How does it work??

The Game Changer wig has a silk top, for the best looking wig part you’ve ever seen, and a lace front to create a realistic hairline, a total must-have if you do not have your own hairline to blend with a wig! The wig incorporates a very comfortable cap made from soft t-shirt-like material (yaass) with silicone grip across the top sections, at the nape of the neck and over the ear tabs. Therefore, this wig is super secure, particularly for those who do not have any hair. When properly applied to a bare scalp, the wig will grip with enhanced security, remaining in place, even if pulled.

Can I wear it if I have bio hair?

Can I wear it if I have bio hair?

Absolutely! More than half of our Game Changer lovers do have bio hair. Although the silicone grip is most effective on a bare scalp, it is definitely still a popular option for someone who wants a realistic-looking, comfortable, snug wig!

When can I get it?

Watch this space because we will be announcing a WIG PREORDER in March 2021 (so exciting!!), allowing you to order a piece that is currently in production so it can be shipped to you as soon as it is ready!

In the meantime, you can book a free virtual consult with Holly, our resident alopecia gal and wig expert, to chat about the best solution for you. We can help you work out sizing, select colours and lengths, and have you all prepared to secure your new luscious locks when our preorder launches!