Finding Peace with Hair Loss


Finding Your Confidence, Depsite Hair Loss.

Hair loss freaking sucks. 

There's no sugar coating it. Losing your hair is the party that no one asked to be invited to. It can feel isolating. It can feel debilitating. It can feel outright depressing. We get it. We've been through it all. The good, the bad and the ugly.

If you've ever been told 'don't worry about it, it's just hair' or 'just use rosemary oil and it will all grow back', this page is for you.

We didn't ask for this. But now that we're here, we're going to make the most of it. We're here to support you through your hair loss journey and help you rediscover your confidence despite hair loss. You deserve to be the most badass, empowered version of yourself.

Let's do this together!

Enough with the Pills & Potions

The medications, creams and home remedies just don't work. It sucks. I know. It's a truth which took me years to accept. But some forms of hair loss just don't respond to treatments.

And no matter how many times your well-meaning aunt recommends the volumising shampoo she's used for 20 years or the vitamins which grew back your best friend's, sister's hair, you know it's not going to make a difference.

I spent so many years of my life consumed by trying all the home remedies and products I could. And what was the result? Exhaustion. Mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion.

The moment I stopped spending all my time focusing on growing my hair back, the world got a whole lot lighter.


We've put together the ultimate video playlist to help you reclaim your confidence and find peace with your hair loss. Click the images below to get watching!





Take Back Your Life.

So, you can probably tell I'm not a big fan of all the medications, hair growth shampoos and supplements (scams!) on the market. I've tried them all. But there was one thing that did work for me. Wearing hair.

Wearing hair isn't part of everyone's journey, but for me, it completely changed my life. Wearing hair gives me the opportunity to think about my hair loss a lot less. Instead of scrutinising my hair line and widening part line and obsessing over everyone else's hair in the line at the grocery store, I get to throw on my hair and live my damn life- carefree.

If you're done with all the BS solutions on the market, it might be time to join the hair revolution! A great place to start is with booking a free virtual chat. Wherever you are in your hair journey we know you have a lot of questions and the late night google search can feel like falling down a rabbit hole. We'd love to chat with you and give you all the answers you need.

Join the Community.  

Growing up with hair loss, I thought I was the only one. The sole sufferer of hair loss in my 20's.

It wasn't until I was nearly 30 years old that I found that there are actually hundreds of thousands of other women, just like me. An entire community of bad*ss women on a mission to lift eachother up and overcome the debilitating feelings of hair loss. How freaking awesome is that?

You are never, ever alone in your journey. You have a whole community of women who have your back 100%. To give you tips, to share their stories, to be there for the good times and the bad ones. And they're ready to meet you.

Kimberly's Story.

Growing up, I had very thick hair. I’m talking hair so thick a whole team of hairdressers had to blow dry my hair when I went to the stylist. I didn’t think much about my hair growing up, it wasn’t something I paid much attention to.

Then one day, when I waas just 19, I went to blow dry my hair. I gathered all my hair together and thought something feels different. My hair was SO much thinner. Sure, I noticed strands of hair fall out in the shower or when I brushed it, but when you have thick hair, that’s normal. But how did I not notice that half of my hair had packed up and left? I remember running to my mum to show her. She gave me one look, like she knew this was coming, and said the words ‘androgenic alopecia’.

For the next several years, those words held so much power over me. Androgenic alopecia is a genetic condition which causes thinning hair. It can affect women of any age, but usually it starts in your twenties. Your twenties?! I mean, that’s supposed to be the time of your life, not a care in the world, the least of your problems should be hair loss, right? All my friends were going out, having fun, and I was boarded up in my bedroom researching ‘celebrities with hair loss’. I felt I couldn’t tell any of my friends about my hair loss. I felt so alone. I felt like I had lost a part of myself.


All this led to me starting Lusta Hair. Hair toppers were my secret super power and I knew I had to be part of this solution in a big way. I wanted to scream from the rooftops and tell every woman with hair loss that there is hope. Through Lusta, not only am I able to have the best hair of my LIFE, but I also get to be part of such an incredible community of women.

So that’s it! That’s my story. Hair loss used to be something that made me feel powerless. Now? Now I’m more confident than ever. I’d love to hear your hair loss story too, click HERE to reach out to me. I know what it’s like to feel as though you have no one to talk to. I’m always here to listen!

I started wearing hair extensions, but it wasn’t long until my hair was so thin that I could no longer cover the wefts. I then had no choice but to move on to more medical ‘solutions’. I tried everything, you name it, I’ve tried it. Hair growth supplements, laser hair regrowth cap, injections in my scalp, minoxidil, the list goes on! There wasn’t much information out there on hair loss solutions, so I started to resign to the fact that thin hair was going to be my fate.

During one of my manic hair loss research sessions, I found an ad for something called ‘hair toppers’. I was skeptical at first. Is this actually going to look realistic? I was so hopeless at this point I was prepared to try anything. So, I made an appointment at my local wig shop and tried on my first topper.

Everything changed in that moment. I was amazed at how easy this solution was. I just clip in my topper each morning and no longer have thin hair? MAGIC! Unlike the so-called ‘miracle cures’ I was sold in the past, this product delivered what it promised. Finding toppers also led me to finding an amazing hair loss community. I was in awe. A whole community of women just like me. Up until then I was convinced that I was the only 20-something in the world with hair loss. Suddenly, I had friends in every continent who I could open up to about my struggles. I started going out with my friends again. Doing all the normal things you should be able to do in your twenties. Toppers, and the hair loss community, changed the way I perceived the diagnosis of ‘androgenic alopecia’. Those two words seem a lot less powerful now.

Holly's Story.

“You’re a boy!”

A throwaway comment from a classmate in the playground is my first ever memory of feeling self-conscious about being bald.

I have alopecia universalis, which means I don’t have a single hair on my body. It began as patchy hair loss when I was a baby, and progressed to total loss of hair on my head as a child. After I got married in my early 20s, my eyebrows, lashes and body hair packed up too. For the most past, it’s something I’ve taken in my stride. But that comment from a young boy at school stuck with me.Before that, I had never really thought about looking like a girl or looking like a boy.

All of a sudden, I felt so exposed.

Finding my femininity without hair

Working in the wig industry, I see the struggles women go through when losing their hair. Whether it’s due to hormonal hair loss, cancer treatment or auto-immune disease, many worry they will no longer be considered attractive.

And no wonder. There is a long list of criteria to meet to be considered feminine by society – long, flowing hair being a big one. There are times I have not felt feminine “enough” throughout my life. That day on the playground was one. Today, I realise what we consider to be feminine is just a construct under the patriarchy. And I refuse to strive for a standard that I don’t believe in.

Be feminine, or don’t – who cares?

There are many ways to feel feminine, and femininity is absolutely not just physical.Wearing wigs means I dictate how I want to feel on a particular day.Sometimes a beautiful long blonde wig totally completes my outfit, but sometimes I feel just as feminine without.

Dating with hair loss

Dealing with hair loss while on the dating scene is a huge issue for women. For me, my husband and I were best friends before we started dating. He knew about my alopecia and wigs, and even bought me hair for my 18th birthday. He never cared about it one bit. It seems like such a big barrier for dating and love when you’re the one with the hair loss. Which is probably why I didn’t show my husband my bald head until six months after we were married. After avoiding it for as long as possible, a hot summer’s night got the better of me. I took off the beanie I usually sleep with and that was that. It was absolutely fine, such an anticlimax.

I tell women to treat hair loss like a dating filter. If someone is going to reject you for not having hair – is that really someone you want to be with?

The hair loss community

I want women with hair loss to know there is a community of people out there just like them. More than half of women experience some kind of hair loss in their lifetime. It can be so isolating; you only feel truly understood when you meet someone else who has gone through it too. I remember when I first met others with alopecia, it was absolutely epic, and through my work with Lusta Hair I get to have this experience over and over. Encouraging and supporting women to feel confident again has been so healing and rewarding. And I get to hold their hand as they take a huge and often emotional step into hair-wearing, which is something I know from experience is very daunting and confusing on your own.

Wearing hair is a brilliant solution, that is not as scary as you may think it is, but there is also a lot of inner work to be done and that’s where community is an absolute game-changer.