We're on a mission to help women with hair loss take back their confidence and WEAR. THE. HAIR.


So, You're Losing Your Hair. Now What?

There's no sugar coating it. Losing your hair is the party that no one asked to be invited to. It can feel isolating. It can feel debilitating. It can feel outright depressing. We get it. We've been through it all. The good, the bad and the ugly.

If you've ever been told 'don't worry about it, it's just hair' or 'just use rosemary oil and it will all grow back', this page is for you.

We didn't ask for this. But now that we're here, we're going to make the most of it. We're here to support you through your hair loss journey and help you rediscover your confidence despite hair loss. You deserve to be the most badass, empowered version of yourself.

Let's do this together!

Enough with the pills and potions.

It's time for a real solution.

The medications, creams and home remedies just don't work.

It sucks. I know. It's a truth which took me years to accept. But some forms of hair loss just don't respond to treatments.

And no matter how many times your well-meaning aunt recommends the volumising shampoo she's used for 20 years or the vitamins which grew back your best friend's, sister's hair, you know it's not going to make a difference.

I spent so many years of my life consumed by trying all the home remedies and products I could.

And what was the result? Exhaustion. Mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion.

The moment I stopped spending all my time focusing on growing my hair back, the world got a whole lot lighter.

Take back control

Find Your Confidence.

Watch our free videos about healing from hair loss and taking back your confidence.

Hair Loss Pep Talk

Finding Your Confidence Part 1

Finding Your Confidence Part 2


We're not letting our hair loss control us.

Take Back Your Life.

So, you can probably tell I'm not a big fan of all the medications, hair growth shampoos and supplements (scams!) on the market. I've tried them all. But there was one thing that did work for me. Wearing hair.

Wearing hair isn't part of everyone's journey, but for me, it completely changed my life. Wearing hair gives me the opportunity to think about my hair loss a lot less. Instead of scrutinising my hair line and widening part line and obsessing over everyone else's hair in the line at the grocery store, I get to throw on my hair and live my damn life- carefree.

If you're done with all the BS solutions on the market, it might be time to join the hair revolution! A great place to start is with booking a free virtual chat. Wherever you are in your hair journey we know you have a lot of questions and the late night google search can feel like falling down a rabbit hole. We'd love to chat with you and give you all the answers you need.

A worldwide community of women.

Join the Community.

Growing up with hair loss, I thought I was the only one. The sole sufferer of hair loss in my 20's.

It wasn't until I was nearly 30 years old that I found that there are actually hundreds of thousands of other women, just like me. An entire community of bad*ss women on a mission to lift eachother up and overcome the debilitating feelings of hair loss. How freaking awesome is that?

You are never, ever alone in your journey. You have a whole community of women who have your back 100%. To give you tips, to share their stories, to be there for the good times and the bad ones. And they're ready to meet you.