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Lusta Brows: The Natural

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The Ultimate Eyebrow Solution. 

The temporary tattoo eyebrow solution designed by women with hair loss for women with hair loss. Lusta Brows give the appearance of real eyebrows. Once applied, your brows will last for 3-5 days. 

Lusta Brows are designed to adhere to bare skin without any hair underneath. If you have sparse/patchy brows, your Lusta brows may not adhere for as long. 

Each sheet includes 11 pairs of brows.

The Natural

The Natural is a straighter design with a very slight arch for a natural appearance. The Natural features very fine 'hairs' and tapered edges to give a highly realistic look. The Natural is slightly less 'manicured' than The Classic Brows

How to Use

Lusta brows are easy to apply within seconds.

Step 1: Cut 
Cut two brows (one pair) out from your sheet of brows and peel away the plastic cover.

Step 2: Prep Your Skin
Make sure to apply your brows on clean, dry skin.

Step 3. Placement
Carefully place the shiny side of the brow onto your skin where you want your Lusta Brows to go. You can play around and re-place the brows until you are happy with the position. The brows will lightly adhere to your skin.

Step 4: Wet
Once you are happy with the placement, using a damp cotton pad or towel, press down on the brows for several seconds.

Step 5: Remove
Allow the wet brows to sit on your face for several seconds before gently sliding the paper away from your brows.

For more tutorials, check out our Guide to Brows

* Please note Lusta Brows are non returnable.