5 Places Where You Can NEVER Wear Your Wig.

Hey! Holly Here :)

For over two decades, I've worn a wig every single day of my life. I have never done anything without my wig.

When I tell people this, they make a lot of assumptions.

"Oh, so you've never been on a roller coaster??"

"It's sad that you can never go swimming them."

"No sports for you then, I guess."

Waiiiiiiiit a second now. Those assumptions are so untrue.

Let's talk about 5 places where people assume I can't wear my wig, but I DEFINITELY can 🤭

On a Roller Coaster

This is the big one. People often think that you cannot wear a Lusta Wig on a rollercoaster. Surely, it's just going to fall off, right?

You may or may not know, but our Lusta Wigs don't require ANY glue or adhesives. The cap is designed to fit securely and snuggly to your head. It grips on and won't go anywhere. That INCLUDES when you're on a roller coaster.

Need photo evidence? I got you.

And, if you want to see the full video, click HERE.

At the Pool

The next place people worry they can't wear wigs is at the pool or beach. Surely, if that chlorinated water touches your wig it's going to be ruined, right?

Nope! It's totally okay wearing your wig around the pool or at the beach. I looooove spending summer days at the pool in my Luxe Wig. My Luxe Wig is so light and breezy, perfect for pool days!


Okay, okay. So I can hang around the pool in my wig. But SURELY I can't actually go underwater?

Surprise! You can 100% go underwater in a Lusta Wig.

A couple things to keep in mind...

Just like with real hair, your wig hair doesn't love chlorine or salt water. If it's frequently exposed to this type of water, it will shorten the lifespan. A dip every now and then? Totally fine! Just make sure to use a nice hydrating treatment on it afterwards to give it the love it deserves.

In terms of security, you won't have a problem! Our wigs are all super secure so it's not going to float away when you dive under.

Click HERE for video evidence.

On a Motorbike

Now you're wondering, Holly, what about riding a bike? Or a motorbike? Is your wig going to come off when you take your helmet off?

Heck no! Your Lusta Wig is far too secure for that.

I ride my scooter to work most days and have absolutely no issues.

Click here to watch the video.

Playing Sport

I play basketball and tennis. And I do it all in my wig.

By now I think you get the vibe...Lusta Wigs are so secure. You can do ANYTHING.

Now, some of the wigs I've worn in the past weren't great when playing sport. I used to wear a wig that when I got sweaty, the wig would ungrip from my head and slide around.

Quick story time....

My basketball team made it to the grand finals. The competition was heated. It was the last quarter. And my wig was not cooperating. I was so sweaty that my wig kept sliding back and I had to readjust it.

It got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. I ripped my wig off and threw it to my very surprised dad watching from the sidelines.

We won the finals. And I somewhat attribute that to the fact that the other team was in such shock that this woman had just taken her off....

However, Lusta Wigs are a different story. You can get sweaty, and I mean SWEATY, without worrying about it sliding around. It's going to grip on no matter what!

Click HERE to watch me play tennis in my wig.

So... you can wear a wig anywhere?

Pretty much! Lusta Wigs are so secure and comfy...they can go just about anywhere with you.

However, there is ONE place you can't wear a wig. During an MRI, or in some medical procedures.

Lusta Wigs have a very small amount of metal in the cap, which means wearing them in an MRI is a no-no. If you're going in for a medical procedure, it's best to chat with your doctor about whether or not you can wear your wig.

If it worries you to be without a wig, take it from me, medical professionals see people with alopecia more than you think. I've talked to my doctors about it before. I'm definitely not the first woman with alopecia they've seen and I won't be the last. They're super used to it and never judge you.

For me, wigs exist to give me freedom. Freedom to live my life on my own terms, never being held back by my hair loss.

I wanna know, did any of these places surprise you?!


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