Can You Sleep in a Hair Topper?

It's surprising how common this question is! Can you sleep in a hair topper? Can you sleep in a wig? I want to talk a little bit about this because it's a mixed answer.

One of our amazing Lusta girls, Quinn, put it to the test. It's not something we do that often, but we wanted to give it a try in the name of science! Click HERE to watch that video.

Short answer, YES! You can wear a topper or wig to sleep. Should you do it often? probably not.

There are some scenarios where you may feel more comfortable wearing a topper to sleep. For example, if you're testing the waters with a new partner 😉 You may have not quite gotten to the part where you've said 'oh, by the way, this isn't my real hair' and in the heat of the *moment* may not be the best time to divulge this secret. I get it, I've been there hahaha. Or maybe you're at a sleepover with some girlfriends and you haven't 'come out' to them yet. Sometimes you're just not ready to start that conversation. And that is totally, completely fine.

In these scenarios, you can definitely wear your topper whilst sleeping. Here are a couple tips;

  • Wear a headband so that there isn't too much pressure on the clips
  • Put your hair up into a plait or ponytail
  • Don't use all the clips

Okay, so you know that its possible, but do we recommend it? Ideally, no. Human hair toppers are not really designed to be worn while sleeping. During the day, when you're upright, the toppers are working WITH gravity, when you're lying down they're working AGAINST gravity. This means that the clips may start to pull on your hair and feel uncomfortable. Over time this can cause (eeeeek) traction alopecia, which is definitely something you want to avoid.

Another reason you may not want to wear your topper to bed every night is that it may shorten the life span of your piece. Think about it. If you wear your piece to bed every night, you're literally wearing your topper for DOUBLE the time they are designed to be worn. This means they'll get dirtier quicker, need more washing, etc. All things which shorten the lifespan of the piece.

In summary, can you sleep in a hair topper or wig? Yes. Should you sleep in a hair topper or wig? Probably not.

Have you slept in a piece before? What was your experience?

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Monika Burmann

My daughter bought me a hair Topper for was bonded to my own hair (where I have my hair loss).I’m not to cray about wearing it 24/7,so I will ask them to remove it and put clips on is real hair,my daughter paid 1, 489 dollars. I would like to purchase one from your company..can you leave me any advice. I felt like they were just making money off of me.not at all interested of my concerns .I thank you now already for any help you can give me.sincerely Monika age is 72