Do Hair Toppers Stay in Place? Let's Chat!

One of the most common questions I get asked (and trust me, I've asked myself this a million times too) is, "Do hair toppers genuinely stay put?" I mean, the last thing any of us want is for our topper to take a solo adventure while we're living our best life, right?

Lusta's Secret Weapon: Pressure Sensitive Clips

First things first, let's talk about Lusta's magic touch. Our toppers come with these nifty little things called Pressure Sensitive Clips. Sounds fancy, doesn't it? But in reality, they're just super secure clips that have your back (or should I say, your head?). These clips ensure your topper stays snugly in place, without pulling or tugging at your natural hair. There are 6 clips positioned evenly around the perimeter of the cap. You can opt to use all of these clips for extra security or just a few at a time. Whatever feels best for you.

hair toppers

That Front-Comb Magic

Now, for those of you who are all about the details (I see you!), Lusta toppers also come with a 'front-comb'. This little gem ensures that the front of your topper sits perfectly and naturally, blending seamlessly with your hairline. No awkward bumps or shifts, just smooth, natural-looking gorgeousness from front to back.

The front-comb is completely optional. Some women swear by the comb and wear it everyday. Others prefer to go without. Again, how you wear your topper is totally up to you.

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Want Extra Security? Enter the Topper Grip

For my gals who are all about that extra layer of security (because who doesn't love a safety net?), there's the 'topper grip'. Think of it as the seatbelt to your topper's car seat. It's there to give you that added peace of mind, ensuring your topper stays exactly where it should be, no matter how wild your day gets.

hair topper security

In Conclusion... So, to answer the burning question: YES, hair toppers, especially the ones from Lusta, do stay in place. Whether you're dancing the night away, caught in a surprise rain shower, or simply running errands, your topper's got you covered (literally!).


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