Don't Leave Your Topper or Wig in the Closet

"But what will people say when they see me in a new hair topper or wig?!"

Whether its your first piece EVER (Congratulations, babe!) or you've just treated yourself to something totally new and different, it can be SUPER nerve-wracking to wear that piece for the first time.

You might be going from a piece with no fringe to a piece with some gorgeous curtain bangs. Or maybe you're going a couple shades lighter than your bio hair. Whatever it may be, here's our TOP TIP for transitioning into wearing a new piece.

Don't Leave Her in the Closet

How many of you have received your brand new piece in the mail, or taken it home from the store for the first time, totally starry-eyed and IN LOVE with your new boo, only to leave it in your closet, waiting for the 'perfect time' to debut your piece?

Girl, you'll be waiting a looooong time if you need the 'perfect time' to introduce your new piece to the world.

Instead... give this a try.

Change up your LOOK!

Something my Alopecia Areata girls will relate to is wearing your hair the exact same way everyday in order to conceal thinning/hair loss patches. Or maybe you're a wig wearer and your piece is on it's last legs and you HAVE TO wear a side fringe in order to cover certain patches.

Well, about two weeks or so before you get your new piece I want you to CHANGE UP THAT LOOK! You could go out and buy a nice thick headband that covers your thinning areas. Find a hair accessory that works for your hair and start to wear it. People will probably be like 'Have you done something different with your hair?', and you can say 'well, yes!"

Change it up a couple times before you get your new piece if you can, and then when the BIG DAY comes round, you've changed how you look so many times that people just assume you've changed it up a little again.

human hair wigs
Have a watch of THIS video below if you're still not convinced.

From experience we can say that people don't really notice changes you make to your appearance as much as you do. Whether it be a new make-up look, a new dress or a new hair piece, people aren't looking at you nearly as much as you think!

So don't leave that gorgeous piece in the closet any longer, babe. Life's too short to wait for the 'perfect time'.


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