How to Wash Human Hair Wigs?

Let's talk: Washing your human hair wig

You’ve worn your piece for almost a month since receiving it (congratulations, you are now a hair wearing queen 😍). Now it’s time to practice some self-care on your baby. Washing human hair wigs for the first time can be scary AF! What products do I use? Will my hair feel the same? Do I use hot or cold water? How do I wash a human hair wig without ruining it? AHHHH so many questions! First off, you are not alone! Whether you are wearing an Essentials or a Game Changer, this step-by-step process will make you feel confident in no time!

  1. Wash with Shampoo

Alright, first step! You want to fill your sink with luke-warm water. Having the temperature not too high will prevent the hair from being damaged over time. If you prefer, cold water is also fine 💧​ Once there is enough water (you don’t need too much) in the sink, add shampoo to the water and create that soapy goodness! Here at Lusta, we use the brand, ‘Davroe’. You can use any salon-grade products that are silicone and paraben-free, go for a hydrating range. When holding your piece while washing, you want to keep your hand under the wig by the part-line. That way, your hair remains neat and tidy while you fully submerge it under water (great tip to avoid knots or hair catching onto the clips 🙈​). Don’t be afraid to get the cap wet! Massage the shampoo through the hair using your fingers. After a few minutes, rinse and repeat!

  1. Apply conditioner

Now do you remember us saying that wetting your cap is OK while shampooing and rinsing? Well, here’s a game changer (no pun intended 😆). We DO NOT recommend getting conditioner or treatment on the silk cap. Why? The hair on the silk scalp of your piece is hand-tied and is tightly held by a knot in the hair strand. Unlike shampoo, conditioner can loosen the hair that is knotted on your beautiful wig over time. Instead of submerging your piece, dip the hair from the middle to the ends. Once conditioned, feel free to leave your wig on a towel or an empty sink for 10 minutes (perfect opportunity to make yourself a cuppa or flick through our Lusta videos 😋​). When you come back, rinse ALL the conditioner out. This is super important! Your hair will feel so much cleaner and fresher without left-over product.

  1. Dry

This is EASY! You can leave your piece to dry overnight on a towel or use a blow dryer. We do not recommend leaving your wig to dry on a mannequin head as the wig cap can stretch with the weight of the wet hair pulling it down. If your wig has a lace front, it is important not to leave the lace folded over as this can morph the shape.

If you are more of a visual learner (don’t worry, I am too!), watch this video to see these steps come to life

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Sam Andrews

Hmm… interesting. I guess after going through this article I can safely conclude that taking care of a wig is just as similar to what we would do to our own hair. Hence, it would be wise if my aunt checks out this info before getting a wig from a beauty supplier. You see, she likes to make her hair looks longer whenever she attends a fancy event for some reason.