The Ultimate Guide to Buying Hair Online

Navigating the world of online hair shopping can feel like a labyrinth. You're faced with endless options, but it's tough to know where to start. That's where Lusta comes in. We're on a mission to bring the in-salon experience to your home- virtually! This is your step-by-step guide for buying hair online with Lusta.

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Step 1: Reach Out and Connect

First things first, get in touch! Whether you drop us a message or book a free virtual chat, we're here to start the conversation. I know that this first step can be the most difficult one. "Am I really ready?" "I don't even know what to ask." "I can't buy a piece yet."

We get it. Even if you're not quite ready to purchase a piece, we're here to guide you through it. We can literally just have a chat! We can talk about your own hair loss journey, share our own tips and tricks and point you in the right direction for when you're ready.

Our virtual chats are super casual. If you're not looking to buy a piece, but just want some questions answered, you can totally do that too!

Step 2: Tailored Advice Just for You

At Lusta, we hate robots. We believe that a 1:1 personal experience is what buying hair should be. When you're shopping with Lusta, you get your very own personal hair shopper. Your personal hair shopper basically does all the work for you!

First, we'll decide on a topper vs a wig.

Then, we'll look at what colour you want.

Lastly, we'll decide on sizing and length.

Once we've decided on all these things, your hair shopper will get to work finding the perfect piece which matches all your requirements. If you have questions along the way, our inbox is always, always open.

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Step 3: Bringing the Salon to Your Home

Once your new hair arrives, the real magic begins. We'll guide you through every step on a video call, showing you how to wear it with ease. It's like having a stylist in your living room - minus the small talk about the weather!

Always Here for You

We are always, always, ALWAYS here for a chat. Have questions about maintenance, styling, or just want to share your hair journey? We’re just a message away.

More than Just Buying Hair

Buying hair online with Lusta is more than a transaction; it's an experience, a journey of rediscovering your confidence and embracing your beauty. It's about finding a piece of yourself that you thought was lost.

Remember, each strand of hair we offer is packed with love, support, and understanding. Because we're not just selling hair; we're helping you find a piece of joy and confidence.

In a world where everything feels so digital and distant, Lusta aims to bring a touch of personal, heartfelt service right to your doorstep.


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