What's the Deal with Curly Hair Toppers and Wig?

Hey curly girl!

You've been searching high and low for that perfect curly topper or curly wig, but you've find that naturally curly pieces are few and fair between. You're already losing your hair, you don't want to lose your iconic curls too. Today we're chatting about curly toppers and wigs, why they're so hard to find and how to find your dream piece.

Why are curly toppers and wigs so hard to find?

Naturally curly hair is pretty rare in itself. The research here is mixed, but between 2%-20% of the world's population has curly hair. That means there just isn't a lot of curly haired people donating their hair to make wigs and toppers, thus making naturally curly hair super rare in the alternative hair world.

Did you know that a 24 inch hair topper or wig actually needs 30 inches of hair to make? This is because a lot of the length is lost during the sewing process. For curly hair, you need almost double the length... Because you lose a lot of length with the coiled nature of curly hair, you would need about 50 inches (4 feet!) of hair to create a piece which appears 24 inches when curly. This is practically impossible to source.

Are there any human hair curly toppers or wigs out there?

It is possible to find curly pieces, however, these pieces are usually lower quality and won't last you quite as long. For some women, this is totally okay. Having a piece that mimics the texture of their own hair is far more important than longevity. These pieces may not be remy hair or may be made with a lower grade of hair.

At Lusta, we only use the highest quality 100% remy human hair to create our toppers and wigs. At the moment, we cannot source naturally curly hair which meets our high standards.

Options for Curly Hair Toppers and Wigs

Although high quality curly pieces may be difficult to source, there's still options for our curly haired gals.

  1. Synthetic Wigs and Toppers
    Synthetic pieces can be great for curly hair girls. Although these pieces may not look quite as realistic, they're still a fantastic way to keep your curls whilst wearing hair.

  2. Styling with Heat
    Our curly hair Lusta girls often opt to style their pieces with heat (i.e. with a straightener or curling wand). This is a great way to match the piece with your own unique curl pattern. Do you have tight ringlet curls? Or more loose, wavey locks? You can recreate almost any curl pattern.
    And remember, you only need to style your piece once a month (or whenever you wash your piece), it's not something you'll have to do everyday. Our Lusta girls will put aside a few hours each month to curl their piece to match their own hair.

    Below are some examples of Lusta pieces which have been styled with heat.
    curly hair toppercurly hair topper curly hair topper
  3. Perming
    High quality human hair pieces can be permed to create a gorgeous curly piece.
    At Lusta, our stylists can perm our three virgin hair colours; Natural Black, Natural Darkest Brunette and Natural Rich Brunette. Get in touch with us for more info on how we can make this happen. With our perm process, our stylists can create a more wavy perm, rather than a ringlet perm.
    There are also stylists around the world who are happy to perm human hair toppers and wigs and can create more versatile curl patterns. The most well-reviewed is Diana Ford, a stylist based out of California. Diana accepts mail-in pieces and can discuss with you your options for creating a curly permed topper or wig.

    Below you'll find pictures of pieces which have been permed.

    curly hair wig
    curly hair topper

Curly hair girls all hope is not lost! There's definitely options if you want to maintain your signature ringlets. If you want to chat more about your options for creating your dream topper or wig flick us a message!


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