Wig and Topper Security: Lusta StayOn Technology Explained

If you follow us on social media, there's no doubt you've seen videos like this 👇

wig security

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wig security

We're constantly posting videos of our wigs and toppers flipping around, going out in the wind, going on rollercoasters and even underwater!

But, you wanna know how? How do they stay on securely? How do they stay put on your head so well? Surely there's glue involved, right?

NOPE! All of our wigs and toppers are completely, 100% glueless. Absolutely NO adhesives or tape are necessary. Instead, all our pieces are designed with Lusta StayOn Technology. Allow me to explain...

StayOn Technology

What is 'StayOn Technology'. This is something we've been developing for years and years. It's a special sewing technique which allows our pieces to stay on super securely without the use of any tape or glue.

Topper StayOn Technology

Our toppers are each designed with 6 Pressure Sensitive Clips located around the perimeter of the cap. Although they hold onto your like it's nobodies business, they are also incredible gentle, and, as the name suggests, pressure sensitive. This means they won't cause any damage or further hair loss.

Wig StayOn Technology

Our wigs stay on due to the way they are sewn. They hug onto your head and almost 'grip' on. But, when it comes time to take it off, it's as easy as peeling it off your head! You can take your wig on and off in seconds. Think of it like a swimming cap (except no where near as tight). When you have a swimming cap on and you shake your head around the swimming cap isn't going to fall off. But, when you want to take it off, you can do so easily. Secure when you need it to be, easy to take it off when it's time.

Will My Piece Stay On If...

There's almost no scenario where your wig or topper won't stay on.

Head banging

✅ Rollercoasters

✅ Swimming

✅ Windy days

✅ Hurricanes (Yep, we've really had customers wear their pieces when there's a hurricane outside)

The only way your wig won't stay on is if you choose the wrong size. But don't worry, finding the right size is very easy. Just follow THIS video.

I'll leave you with these videos, if you have any other questions, get in touch! 👇

wig security

topper security

topper security


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