Asked Questions

What is a Hair Topper?

Hair toppers are hair extensions that clip onto your crown area of your head (instead of underneath). A perfect cosmetic solution for women with thin or thinning hair, but also for anyone who simply wants to add volume and extra glam for nights out. Toppers are also becoming very popular with women who want a ‘non-commitment’ fringe or bang!

Toppers are different to wigs as they do not cover your entire head. You will still feel like yourself as you can blend your own hair with the topper. Lusta Hair pieces are designed with a silk top, which mimics a realistic part line.

What type of hair does Lusta Hair use?

We do everything within our power to ensure our hair is ethically sourced and sustainably made. Lusta only selects and uses the finest hair and will never compromise on quality, ever.

Lusta Hair is made entirely from Remy Human Hair. Remy Hair is the highest grade of human hair with the cuticles kept intact to prevent tangling and prolong the lifespan of the piece. Our hair is meticulously sorted to select only the finest strands of the desired length and aligned in a unidirectional fashion. This process ensures that the hair remains ultra soft and silky throughout its lifetime.

We are completely confident in our quality and work very closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure the highest standards are upheld in all aspects of the supply and production chain. We are so blessed that our manufacturing team holds the same core value as Lusta Hair; Transparency.

How do I care for my topper?

Please read the ‘Care Guide’ linked on our website.

Can Lusta Toppers be Coloured?

Please read the ‘Care Guide’ linked on our website.

Human hair toppers can usually be darkened but it is not recommended to lighten the topper. Our Human Hair has undergone extensive colour treatments to obtain its final colour. Bleaching the toppers can cause them to dry out and can sometimes ruin the integrity of the hair. Lusta recommends you consult a professional who feels comfortable working with alternative hair.

Does Base Size Matter?

The base size does not alter the overall visual appearance of the topper. The size of your head does not determine your base size for a topper (this is different to measuring for a wig).

Customers claim that larger base sizes can be more comfortable, as the clips are not attaching to sensitive areas of your scalp. Smaller bases are ideal if you plan to wear your hair in a high ponytail. We have lots of information on our IGTV!

What hair density does Lusta use?

There seems to be a lot of confusion floating around about density. There is no standard or universal percentage for density. Density percentages vary across all companies. Our 130% density may be the equivalent of another company’s 115%, for example.

With silk tops, they need to have a certain amount of hair in order to fully cover the silk material, otherwise it will look sparse (which we obviously don’t want).

The density Lusta toppers use is approximately 130% (the perfect medium density). We have undergone loads of testing with different densities and this is what we have found works for the majority of our clients (not too little and not too much). Actually, if we go lower than this, the silk area and wefting at the back may begin to look a little sparse.

The best way to achieve a lower density is to have your hairdresser thin out the piece, like they would to clients with thick hair.

How does the hair dry naturally?

Lusta Hair toppers dry straight. Some can have a beautiful, slight wave. As we only use Human Hair, each piece can vary slightly.

Does Lusta Hair have any wavy pieces?

The hair we use for our toppers is naturally straight. You can use a small barrel hair curler to achieve tighter curls if desired.

Am I eligible for any medical rebates on a Lusta Topper?

In Australia, you may be eligible to claim some of the cost of your topper through your Private Health Insurance. Please contact your Health Provider for details specific to your level of cover. Same goes for International buyers.