It's time to take back your confidence.

Thicker, Longer Hair
in Seconds.

❌ No more pills & potions

❌ No more visible scalp

❌ No more hours spent styling your hair

✅ An simple, easy solution which works
for 100% of women with hair loss

It's time to take back your confidence.

The solution to
hair loss.

❌ No more pills and potions

❌ No more invasive procedures

❌ No more hours spent getting ready

✅ A simple, easy solution which works
for 100% of women with hair loss

Enough with the pills and potions.

It's time for a real solution.

The medications, creams and home remedies just don't work.

It sucks. I know. It's a truth which took me years to accept. But some forms of hair loss just don't respond to treatments.

And no matter how many times your well-meaning aunt recommends the volumising shampoo she's used for 20 years or the vitamins which grew back your best friend's, sister's hair, you know it's not going to make a difference.

I spent so many years of my life consumed by trying all the home remedies and products I could.

And what was the result? Exhaustion. Mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion.

The moment I stopped spending all my time focusing on growing my hair back, the world got a whole lot lighter.

The ultimate hair loss solution.

What is a hair topper?

Toppers are like hair extensions, without the damage, and oh so much easier. They provide full coverage over your scalp so you can have those luscious, Hollywood glam locks you've always dreamt of.

Toppers are the easiest solution for thicker hair I've ever tried. Clip it in, brush your hair with the topper to blend it and BAM- hair magic. Unlike hair extensions, toppers can allow you to have bangs, without the commitment, change your hair colour, without the bleach and create Pinterest-worthy styles without the hassle.

Toppers have been kept on the down low for years. Why would the hair extension companies want you to know that there is a damage-free, easier option to their products?

Why We Love Lusta Hair Toppers

100% Highest Quality Human Hair

We use the best hair in the WORLD to create our pieces. That means high quality, long-lasting and gorgeous.

Style Like Your Natural Hair

You can style your topper in ponytails, braids, buns, whatever you like! You can heat-style to straighten or curl the piece.

Super Secure & Damage-Free

Lusta Hair Toppers have 6 Pressure Sensitive Clips which you use to attach the piece- without causing any damage and staying in place all day long!

Ultra Realistic

....No one will know the hair on your head is not your own. Completely undetectable!


Join our community of thousands of women reclaiming their confidence after hair loss.

Designed by women with hair loss

100% highest quality remy human hair

100% effective solutiuon

No more pills and potions