Daddy's Credit Card 18" Lusta Up-Do Topper

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Light brunette balayage fading into a lighter blonde balayage. All colouring done post-production by the Lusta style team.

Please note the first photo is for colour reference, the rest are of Kimberly wearing a different colour that works for her hair colour.


Our NEW LUSTA UPDO TOPPERS are actually INCREDIBLE. You don’t need to envy that messy bun ‘woke up like this’ look any longer! 

The Lusta Updo Topper is super easy to blend with your hair and hallelujah, you actually don’t need to worry about strict colour matching as it all blends together with your natural hair!

Perfect for any ponytail, braid, bun or fancy UP style (in fact, you can even wear it down in a ‘hair pushed back and over’ look)! If required, we recommend using some roots/scalp powder or hair fibres/sprays on your natural hairline to create a thicker hairline illusion for blending.