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Neutral to warm dark brunette, about 2 shades lighter than Natural Black. Perfect for adding roots and lowlights for a gorgeous dimensional look.

Our photos are taken in direct natural lighting to show off the colour and dimension of each piece.

Please note that the model in the photos has medium brown natural hair that she uses to blend into the pieces. 


Generally, all cap sizes work for everyone, and simply indicate where the clips will sit on your head. If you have patches of hair loss or sensitive areas, choose the cap size that will allow the clips to avoid these areas. Lusta offers three different cap sizes, 7"x7", 8"x8" and 9"x9". 

For more info on finding the right cap size for you check out our Cap Size Video, or book a free chat


We recommend choosing a piece which is 1-2 inches longer than your own hair to avoid your own hair growing longer than the piece and to allow for styling. 

To find the right length for you, watch our Measuring Video


4x4 silk top with multi-directional part line - this means you can part your topper anywhere.


All Lusta pieces are unique and individually handmade. For this reason, we take photos of each individual piece. So, the piece you see in the product listing is the piece that we will ship to you. 

These photos are taken in direct natural lighting to show off the colour and dimension of the piece.

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