KIM'S CLOSET // Honey Bronde // Topper // 16" // 8x8 cap

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I am absolutely in love with this colour, it is a gorgeous blend of brunette tones and blondes highlights.  This piece has made it to Kim's Closet because it is a sample piece, not our usual exact fabric inside the cap construction.

CAP SIZE // 8x8 - our most popular cap size - perfecto plus! Please don't be scared by larger caps, they are actually goals! It is super stretchy and will perfectly mould to your head shape - undetectable, if I say so myself! 

LENGTH // 16 INCHES - sits just below your shoulders. This can vary depending on your head and neck size. All Lusta pieces have some natural layering, this measurement refers to the length from the centre part line to the longest layer at full stretch.

4x4 silk top with multi-directional part line - this means you can part your topper anywhere.

All Kim's Closet pieces are FINAL SALE and not subject to our Returns Policy.

All items will be sent with FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING and it will OF COURSE come in the full Lusta Signature Packaging - we wouldn't want you to miss out on all that goodness!