Lusta Added Roots
$250.00 AUD

Our Lusta Style Team will add darker roots to your topper purchase.

Our team will add a 'medium' or 'dark' brunette root colour. Please specify what you are after in the sellers notes. You are also welcome to send us photos of your hair to so we can colour match to the best of our ability.

There are no returns on pieces that our team have coloured for you.


Air dries straight. Highest quality Remy Human Hair.

Standard medium density 120-130% (see FAQ on how our density works).

Toppers are sent uncut. You are advised to bring the piece to your stylist (if required) to thin out the front and blend the topper with your own natural hair so it is perfect for you. Wigs are all cut before they are shipped as part of a complimentary service.

You can add bangs/fringes to any topper or wig.

Toppers and wigs can be darkened by a trained stylist but it is not recommended to lighten the piece as the bleach can ruin the integrity of the hair.

Lusta Hair makes every effort to display the true colour of each piece.However, hair colour can alter in different lighting, with different screen brightness and calibration.

See Return Policy for guidelines on purchasing.