Unicorn 9x9 16-18" Topper

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All Hail the Queen of light ashy blondes!!


Light ashy blonde with a short light ash brunette root

Perfect for adding deeper roots if desired or a gorgeous balayage

CAP SIZE // 9x9 - such a luxurious large cap - so comfy! Please don't be scared by larger caps, they are actually goals! It is super stretchy and will perfectly mould to your head shape - undetectable, if I say so myself! 

LENGTH // 16-18 INCHES - sits just below your shoulders and maybe a bit longer but this always depends on your own face, neck and shoulder measurements.

4x4 silk top with multi-directional part line - this means you can part your topper anywhere.

This piece can be customised further if you wanted to add bangs or a darker/longer root colour or Pinterest 'SAVE WORTHY' balayage. 

All items will be sent with FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING and it will OF COURSE come in the full Lusta Signature Packaging - we wouldn't want you to miss out on all that goodness!