10 Blonde Hair Toppers We Love

This blog post is a dedication to our gorgeous blonde hair toppers. We love creating all sorts of blonde pieces, from creamy light blondes to dark highlighted blondes.

At Lusta, all our pieces are 100% unique. Our blondes are all coloured by hand making no piece exactly the same as another. Each piece is a labour of love created by our expert style team with over 10 years experience.

If you're looking for your very own blonde hair topper, we recommend booking a free virtual chat with us. We can chat about the specific colour you're looking for and help you find the perfect piece for your unique blonde colour.

In the meantime, let's take a look at 10 blonde hair toppers we're absolutely loving!

  1. Golden Blonde Hair Topper

    A timeless, effortlessly radiant golden blonde with subtle hints of depth that catch the light naturally. You'll adore the silky texture of this hairpiece, which will effortlessly elevate every outfit. This deep golden colour is just gorgeous!

    blonde hair topper

  2. Dark Balayage Blonde Hair Topper

    Discover the ideal dark blonde balayage you've been on the hunt for. Achieved through a masterful reverse balayage technique, this blend seamlessly transitions from dark roots to stunningly bright blonde ends.

    dark balayage blonde hair topper

  3. Soft Ash Blonde Hair Topper

    Delicately woven soft blonde roots gracefully extend down throughout this ash-blonde topper. These subtle lowlights not only add dimension but also come alive in the gentle embrace of natural light and sunlight.

    ash blonde topper

  4. Dark Balayage Blonde Hair Topper

    This harmonious fusion is achieved by incorporating a reverse balayage into the top layer, allowing lustrous medium brunette roots to effortlessly flow into rich dark blonde ends.

    dark balayage blonde hair topper

  5. Ash Blonde Balayage Hair Topper

    Experience the allure of a captivating dark blonde balayage that exudes dimension at every turn. The ashy brunette rooting gracefully melds throughout the piece, crafting a breathtaking play of depth, accentuated by the most flawless face-framing highlights.

    ash blonde balayage topper

  6. Light Framing Blonde Hair Topper

    A seamless melt of various light blonde shades that gracefully meld, imparting a just-walked-out-the-salon blonde. This blend also features subtly darker roots that seamlessly flow into luminous blonde tips, along with face-framing highlights to complete the look.

    light framing blonde hair topper

  7. Light Blonde Hair Topper

    A stunning blend of bright warm and neutral blondes with a subtle root that melts seamlessly into the rest of the piece. This ultimate blend of blonde works perfectly with so many skin tones thanks to the neutral bright blonde highlights throughout. This gorgeous length is the hair you’ve always dreamed of and is perfect for ponytails and braids with so many styling options! Mermaid goals.

  8. Ashy Melted Blonde Hair Topper

    A stunning blend of medium and light blonde tones with a seamlessly melted root. This piece is perfect if you are an ashy blonde, overall this piece is gorgeous and a must-have for all the ash lovers.

  9. Soft Balayage Blonde Hair Topper

    This stunning blonde balayage has notes of soft blonde with subtle dimension and a dark blonde root cascading into lighter ends.

    soft balayage blonde hair topper

  10. Light Balayage Blonde

    The perfect light blonde balayage that you have been searching for. This blend has been created by adding a reverse balayage to the topper, stunning medium ashy roots seamlessly cascade into bright blonde ends.

    light balayage blonde hair topper

What do you think of these blonde pieces? Do you have a favourite?

Something else to note about blonde pieces is they do need a little more love than our darker pieces.

When you wash your blonde piece, we recommend using a deep conditioning treatment. Our blonde pieces are quicker to become dryer as the hair is more processed than our darker brunettes.

Over time, you may like to have your piece toned by a professional stylist. After a while of wearing your blonde piece out and about the hair may begin to oxidise from sunlight. Having a toner every 6 months or so can help maintain your blonde.


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