Amazon Wigs and Hair Toppers

Are Amazon Wigs Good?

The short answer is depends what you're looking for! There are so many sellers out there on Amazon and eBay who sell wigs and hair toppers. Some are super affordable, starting at just a ten dollars. Others, can be a little more expensive. So are these pieces a total scam?

There's nothing wrong with purchasing a piece from Amazon, but be aware that they are a very different product to the ones you find at Lusta Hair. At Lusta, we only use the finest quality human hair that will last you YEARS of daily wear. Although many Amazon sellers may claim they use human hair, this isn't always the case. Much of the time, when you're ordering a piece from Amazon, you'll find that although it may in fact be human hair, it's actually just bits of hair swept off a salon floor and glued onto a wig cap. The hair is covered in silicone which makes the piece feel ultra soft and delicious....until you wash it. Then the real hair is revealed.

Selling wigs and toppers at such a low price point means one of two things. One, quality is suffering. Many wigs and toppers on Amazon only last you 1-2 WEEKS (compared to Lusta pieces which last 2-3 years). After just a few weeks of wear you might find that hair is falling out because it wasn't sewn in properly. Or the piece might just not look realistic at all.
The other thing it might mean is that people are suffering. A Lusta piece takes at least 60 hours to be sewn by hand. If you're purchasing a piece for less than $100, how can the person who sewed that piece be paid fairly?

Again, some Amazon wigs are totally fine! And if you're only planning on wearing your piece on occasion and don't mind needing to replace it often, go for it! Just do your due dilligence as the smart hair wearer you are to find out whether it suits you best to invest in a higher quality piece or whether a more budget-friendly piece will do you just fine.


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