Wigs for Alopecia

Did you know that most wigs in the world aren't designed for women with hair loss? Wigs for Alopecia are the minority.

There's different cultural and religious reasons why women (and men!) might wear wigs, and they make up the majority of wig wearers. Although these wigs are freaking awesome, they can often be less than ideal for people with hair loss. Why? These wigs are designed for people who have lots of their own hair. The caps of these wigs have extra room so to tuck your own hair up underneath. But for those of us with thin, fine hair, or, no hair at all, these wigs can uncomfortable, feel too large and aren't secure.

As someone with Alopecia from the age of 6, I grew up wearing these too big, itchy, annoying wigs. It sucked. None of the wigs I wore growing up were actually designed for my specific situation.

That's why the opportunity to design my own wig with Lusta Hair was such a game changer! Finally, a wig that was made for me. A wig that fit securely, didn't feel itchy on my head and looked ultra realistic.

Although most wigs in the world aren't made for women with alopecia, I absolutely love that there are options out there for EVERYONE!


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