Blonde Hair Toppers

I recently dyed my hair blonde!

For some, this is no big deal. But for me, I've been TERRIFIED to dye my hair since I was 19 (when I started losing my hair due to Androgenic Alopecia). I thought that if I dyed my hair it would make my hair loss worse.

But, recently I did the thing I was so scared to do and dyed my hair blonde! My hair stylist used a super gentle bleach as to not damage my hair too much. To my surprise, my hair actually started looking thicker! There's two reasons for this. 1) the contrast between my hair and my scalp was less stark, and therefore my hair loss didn't look as noticeable. 2) As the bleach does still slightly damage the hair cuticle it makes it appear thicker.

So, as a newly blonde babe, blonde toppers have become my thing. I'm obsessed! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite blonde hair toppers.

  1. First up, I had to pay homage to one of our gorgeous customers, Marina. As soon as I saw this piece I was head over heels in love. It's such a gorgeous, golden blonde and it blends so perfectly with Marina's own hair.
    blonde human hair topper

  2. This is one of the first blonde pieces I tried! I love this darker blonde colour. It's giving me sandy blonde vibes.

    hair toppers

  3. Sadly, this piece was a little bit too short for me, but I am OBSESSED with this colour. The face-framing is just to die for. I love this brighter pop of blonde.

    blonde hair topper

  4. This piece is the inspiration for me going blonde! I love these light, creamy, slightly ashy blonde toppers.

    human hair toppers

  5. This one might be cheating a bit because it's actually a wig, but come on, this blonde is PERFECTION. I absolutely love all of our friend Kellie's wigs!
    human hair topper

These are my top 5 blonde pieces at the moment, but honestly, whenever I see a blonde piece I fall in love!

Which one is your favourite?


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