Can You Get Hair Toppers Wet?

Rainy days. Water parks. Beach excursions.

What happens to your topper in these watery settings?

Although it may seem like your hair topper might transform with a single drop of water (h2o style), you can definitely get your hair topper wet.

Hair toppers need to be washed at least every 4-6 weeks in order to keep them clean and look shiney. And to to do this, you'll need to get them wet. Hair toppers should be washed with luke warm water and a high quality salon-grade shampoo and conditioner.

But, what happens if you get caught out in the rain? What happens when you're spending the day at the water park with the kids? How about swimming a 5km marathon?

Long story short, your hair topper will be fine.

Hair toppers, especially high quality pieces, will react the same as your own hair. If your topper gets wet, it will, well, look wet- but that's about it.

The rain is totally fine for a hair topper. You'll probably have to restyle it or perhaps give it a blow dry, but you'd have to do this with your own hair too.

The ocean and pools are a slightly different story. Salt water and chlorine aren't great for hair, no matter whether it's a hair topper, a wig or your own hair. But this doesn't mean you can't let your hair topper touch the water. It just means that it might need a little extra TLC after making contact. If spending the day at the beach or at the waterpark is something you want to do, we don't think you should let your hair hold you back.

The thing is, the more your hair topper exposed to salt water or chlorine, the more it will shorten its life span. This means that instead of getting 3 years of daily wear out of your piece, if you're swimming every single day you might only get 1.5-2 years. If you only go swimming once or twice, this is probably not going to have much effect on your piece. Just make sure to give it an extra hydrating treatment after your swim.

Hair toppers can absolutely get wet, and most of the time it's not going to cause any issues.


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