Celebrities with Hair Loss

I think this was my most frequently typed search into google for years 😂 When I first started losing my hair, there wasn’t really a hair loss ‘community’ like there is today. Hair loss in women was never talked about in my social circles, I didn’t see any articles that represented me or groups that understood what I was going through. But what there was were articles in celebrity gossip columns where celebrities ‘came out’ about their hair loss. I was obsessed with reading them. It made me realise that I wasn't the only one going through it, and that hair loss does not discriminate. It could happen to anyone and it is so common. Let’s chat about celebrities who have come out about their hair loss.

Jada Pinkett Smith

You definitely know about this one (do I have to remind you of the whole Oscars saga). Jada has hinted that her alopecia may have started due to stress. This is such a common narrative for people with alopecia. Traumatic events, stress and major life changes can trigger hair loss to start. For some people, this can be temporary (Telogen Effluvium) or more long-term. I love Jada’s attitude toward her alopecia. In one instagram post she said ‘Me and this alopecia are going to be friends…period’. That’s the sort of inspiring positivity we want to see! Alopecia doesn’t mean your life is over, it gives you an opportunity to show your strength.

jada pinkett smith alopecia

Lea Michelle

The Glee star opened up about her hair loss in 2021. Like so many women, Lea experienced hair loss after giving birth. Postpartum hair loss is super common- 50% of new mums experience hair loss. So why is it rarely talked about? Lea coming out about her hair loss experience really helped to normalise something that is so common.

lea michelle hair loss

Viola Davis

Viola Davis, the star of the tv series, How To Get Away With Murder, developed Alopecia Aerata when she was 28 years old. She believes that her Alopecia was caused by stress (are you noticing a trend here??). Viola has spoken about how she used to use her wig as a ‘crutch’ that she would hide behind because she was so embarrassed about her hair. But now, she wears wigs because she LOVES them. She’s serious wig goals- she has a piece for wearing around the house, going to events, running errands and swimming! Like, can we please have that too???

viola davis hair loss

Keira Knightly

Kiera Knightley’s hair loss story is a little bit different. Kiera was dying her hair for years in every colour imaginable. Eventually, her hair started falling out from over bleaching. She started wearing wigs to give her hair time to repair and regrow. In fact, she wore wigs for a whole five years undercover. Did you know she was a wig-wearing sister?

kiera knightley hair loss

Jesy Nelson

Jesy Nelson, one of the members of Little Mix, developed Alopecia when she was just 13 years old. She believes her Alopecia also began due to stress. She experienced bullying in school because she liked to dress differently than the other kids. Stress can have a huge effect on our bodies- and one of the first places it can start is our hair.

jesy nelson hair loss

Amy Schumer

Recently, Amy Schumer has come out about her trichotillomania. This was such a huge and important step towards normalising all types of hair loss. People are familiar with alopecia, but trich, not so much. Amy has spoken about her trich developing in a time in her life when her family life was hard. Amy even spoke about having to wear a wig to school when her trich was in its worse stages.

amy schumer hair loss

Why Sharing These Stories Is So Important

When celebrities use their platform to talk about hair loss, it helps take away the stigma. I mean, if Jada can own her hair loss why can't I?? Looking at celebrity hair loss can make you feel seen, like you're not alone.


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