Hair Loss Stories: Leanne

Meet Leanne. Leanne came to us looking for a wig due to hair loss from chemotherapy. We got to know Leanne and we've fallen in love with the incredible woman she is. This is her story.

hair loss from chemotherapy

Where are you from?

I live in Melbourne, Australia

When did you start experiencing hair loss?

My hair loss is chemo induced. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 5 years ago and have been on and off treatment during that time managing my hair loss by using the cold cap during treatment (this is a cap of frozen ice you wear during chemo to help reduce hair loss), and putting extensions in.

When I started back on chemo in April 2022 I decided it was time to let what little hair I had left go and embrace wigs. I was terrified about losing my hair because I had no knowledge of wigs and what options were available to me. I didn’t want to look like a cancer patient.

hair loss from chemotherapy

How did you find out about Lusta?

I started doing a lot of research online - mainly instagram, and the honesty and enthusiasm of the girls at Lusta Hair kept catching my attention. I decided to make contact and get some more information. They were very helpful and understanding.

How Has Lusta been part of your hair journey?

I read and watched every post or reel that the girls at Lusta downloaded. I absorbed all of the information - and they have shared a lot about their own experiences and I found this really useful.

hair loss from chemotherapy

What do wigs mean to you?

I have actually developed an addiction to wigs now! My hair looks better than it ever did and I have never felt like I was obviously wearing a wig or that I didn’t look like myself.

What would your advice be to other women with hair loss?

Try not to be too scared about wearing a wig. It is an adjustment, and I still remember how self conscious I felt the first time I wore a wig. It does take getting used to, but one day you will realise that people are looking at you, not because you are wearing a wig, but because you have gorgeous hair.

Anything else you want to share?

For women who are losing hair because they are going through treatment for cancer, it is a personal choice whether you choose to wear a wig or proudly show the world what you are going through. I always wanted to keep my identity. I didn’t want to look in the mirror and see myself suffering with cancer. Wearing a wig and flicking my gorgeous long hair has made my experience a lot easier to manage. I have fun with my wigs and I love how good they make me feel.


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