Wigs vs. Hair Toppers

Have you been late night google searching the pros and cons of wigs vs. toppers? If you're new to hair wearing the first choice you'll want to make is whether a wig or a topper suits you best (or, you can choose both, I'm not telling you how to live your life).

Let's walk through everything you need to know about wigs vs. toppers.

What is a wig? And what is a topper?

Let's get the definitions out the way first.

Of course, most people know what a wig is. You've probably worn one for halloween. Lusta wigs are quite different to those wigs collecting dust in the costume box. They're made from the finest quality human hair and have a super comfortable, secure cap for daily wear. A wig is designed to cover all your hair (if you have hair). Depending on the type of wig you choose, it might also come with a 'lace-front' which is a thin piece of lace which imitates a realistic hair line.

A hair topper on the other hand is like half a wig. It sits on the top of your head, covering your crown, but you can still see your own hair blended with the topper through the length.

Basically, a wig covers your whole head whereas a topper only covers the crown.

Choose a topper if you...

  • Like the idea of having some of your own hair out and visible. This can sometimes be a bit less 'overwhelming' than a full wig
  • Have a hair line to blend at the front

Don't choose a topper if....

  • You don't have a hair line to blend with the topper
  • Don't want to have to blend your own hair
  • Would rather all your hair was concealed under a wig cap

Choose a wig if...

  • You don't have hair to blend
  • You don't want to worry about blending your hair with a piece
  • Would rather tuck your own hair up underneath a wig cap
  • Want a more 'throw on and go' option

Don't choose a wig if...

  • You don't like the idea of all your hair being covered and would rather have some of your own hair visible 

Busting the Myths

There's a lot of rumors out there about wigs and toppers, so I wanted to bust some of those myths.

"Wearing toppers causes more hair loss"

FICTION- well, mostly at least. Lusta Hair pieces use specially designed Pressure Sensitive Clips which are gentle on hair and don't pull or tug. We can't speak for other brands out there.

"Wigs are so hot to wear!"

FICTION- You know how it's hotter to wear clothes than to wear no clothes at all? Yeah, I bet you still wear clothes out on hot days, right? It's the same principle with wigs. Sure, it would be a bit cooler to not wear your wig, but the difference is very mild

"I can't wear a wig if I still have hair :("

FICTION- this is 100% not true. You can wear wigs no matter what your hair situation.

"You have to invest in high quality pieces or else you'll be replacing them often"

FACT- this one's actually fact. When purchasing a wig or a topper, you'll find that you really do get what you pay for and lower quality pieces won't last very long.

"Wigs are itchy"

FICTION- Again, maybe some wigs are itchy but not Lusta wigs. They're designed to be super comfy all day everyday.

If you're still not quite sure whether a wig or a topper will be better for you, I highly reccomend booking in a free chat. It's a great way to chat through your questions, explain your hair sitch and figure out what piece will work best.


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