Hair Stories: Laci

Hair loss- we're breaking the stigma!

Getting the chance to speak to Laci was SO special. She truly is so inspirational and such a gorgeous person inside and out. Read her story....

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Where are you from?

I am from McKinney Texas! Which is located just north of Dallas

When did you start experiencing hair loss?

I was diagnosed with with Alopecia Areata when I was only 10 months old. So throughout my whole life I’ve known nothing but hair loss. As a kid I had a few synthetic wigs, but I never wore them regularly. I wasn’t worried about looks, or how people perceived me. All I cared about was playing with my friends and being a kid. But soon kids turned into teenagers and everyone started caring about their looks. And I think that was the first time I ever felt less because of my hair loss. I started looking into wigs, but I didn’t want my friends and family to think I was ashamed of my Alopecia. I got a synthetic wig and only wore it out a couple times because it didn’t feel like me. About two years later I decided to try wigs again and got my first human hair wig. I wore it everyday, until it started to reach the end of its life span. Then I got my next wig which is my Lusta Game Changer wig! I’m still going through my hair loss journey even though I lost my hair before I could even talk. Some days I feel really beautiful without hair, and some days I feel like I’m missing a part of myself that I should have. I don’t think that feeling will ever really go away. But I never let those hard days win, and neither should you.

Who was the first person you told about your hair?

The first person I told about my decision to wear wigs was my mom. I had a few synthetic wigs as a kid, but they were itchy and uncomfortable so I never wore them regularly. I think my mom thought I was just going through a phase where I wanted hair and that it would pass.

But as time went on and I still wanted to look into wigs, she was nothing but supportive. She took me to wig shops in Dallas, helped me look online, and even bought me my first human hair wig for my 17th birthday. She supports me everyday, with or without my wig.

How did you find out about Lusta?

I found out about Lusta through TikTok! I follow several other hair loss and wig creators, and one day Lusta Hair popped up on my FYP! I followed Lusta and watched all their videos for about a year before I bought from them. Buying a hair piece online without trying it on can be scary! But everyone at Lusta understands that, and will help you with whatever questions you have! It’s run by fabulous women which is why I felt so comfortable buying something online from across the world! And now that I have my piece I can confidently say I made the right choice with buying from Lusta!

How has Lusta been part of your hair journey?

Lusta feels like a rock in the middle of a raging sea. I don’t think you ever stop going through your hair journey no matter how many years you’ve experienced hair loss. The journey will change, yet it never stops. But Lusta feels like safety. I know I will always be able to find great hair pieces, designed for women with hair loss, by women with hair loss, for as long as I want to wear hair pieces.

What do you love about wearing hair?

I love getting to experience the simple things that come with having hair! I’ve never felt prettier than when a slight breeze rushes through my hair, or putting on a freshly styled wig and separating the curls, or when I finally learned to braid hair on my wig and tried out so many new styles. I even love getting to wash my wigs and having a need for things like shampoo and conditioner! These are all small things I missed out on growing up without a full head of hair. And I love getting to experience such mundane things, for the first time in my life!

What would your advice be to other women with hair loss?

Don’t let the hard days overshadow all the good days. Hair loss at any stage or age is hard. It never stops being hard, but it gets easier. The amount of hard days becomes less and less, and the amount of good days grows. You just have to keep going long enough to see all those good days for yourself!


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